You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine

If you are at all thinking about renewable energy at your house, learning how to build your own wind turbine is a wise thing to do. This is one of the best ways to cut energy costs at home. These are the simple steps to take to build your own wind turbine...

Research your wind velocity and direction - You simply have to spend some time getting to know how the wind moves around your house. It can be very simple and straightforward or can be very complicated, for example if you're looking at the wind speed and direction on your roof. The only way to do it is to measure the wind with a small device that is electronic in nature. Once you have collected the data you can download what info is collected and get to the bottom of things.

Spend time with City Hall - It would be horrible if you went and bought a home wind turbine device and found out later that your local community would not allow it to be installed where you want to put it. This has happened before. It is easy to make a mistake if you don't pay attention the permitting process. Many people do not realize they have to have a permit to install a wind turbine on their land. This is just a smart thing to do to check things out before you begin so you will not have a hassle having to relocate or take down completely before you ever get started in earnest.

Think through what you can use the power for - There are a number of things you can do with the power you create with your home wind turbine. You can charge a set of batteries of course which is what most people end up doing at some point anyway. You don't have to get special wind turbine type batteries that cost a lot of money either. You can use a golf cart battery that is the same style of deep discharge that the specially made wind turbine batteries are, but the golf cart batteries are way cheaper. This is a lot better than hooking the device up directly to a load source like a pump for example because with the battery, you have a buffer against the itinerant nature of the wind turbine power.

In summary, to build your own wind turbine is a great project for you to embark upon this year if you want to really make a difference in your utility costs.

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