The Importance of Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness is much more important than many think. Even with the new technology, it is very important to stay in shape if you want to play your best golf. However, golf fitness includes much more than just lifting weights and doing cardiovascular training. You need to focus on specific things that can help you more than, if you bulk up or gain incredible endurance.

Amateur golfers often neglect the most important part of your fitness for golf. The one thing they forget about is stretching. This can help you more on the golf course than most other things in the fitness world. Being limber helps you avoid injury, but it also allows you to swing the golf club easier, as well.

All the top professional golfers take significant time to work on their flexibility. They do this through yoga and other stretching routines that help them stay in the best possible shape. If you don't do anything else with your fitness, at least start stretching. You should stretch every single day and at least 10 minutes before you play or practice. This will help you loosen up and loose muscles are better for golf than tight muscles.

A Few Great Golf Fitness Tools

1. Bands

Bands are preferred by golfer over weights because they allow for more fluid and full motion. You don't go out on the golf course and move in just one direction. Your body moves with muscles you might not use for anything else and you don't just move up and down or side to side. The golf swing encompasses many movements that you can use with bands to strengthen those muscles.

2. The Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can help you with explosive moves, which can lead to hitting the ball further than you ever have before. Dustin Johnson uses a medicine ball for his workouts and he hits the ball a mile. You can also gain distance by using this tool within your workouts because it allows you to create movements you cannot create with free weights.

3. A Yoga Mat

It is always important to use a mat because you don't want to put too much stress on your joints. A yoga mat can give you the right surface for all your workouts and they don't cost very much. You need to get at least one mat and you might want two or three, depending on how soft of a surface you want to work with.

Starting your Golf Fitness Routine

The key to any fitness routine is to set it up for your lifestyle. You need to make it long enough to give you a good workout, but not so long that you don't do your workout. This makes a difference and if you plan it properly, you will do it every single day and gain the muscle and flexibly you need to perform better on the golf course.

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