3 Romantic Moment Locations

There are many moments that we look back on in our lives when we think that they were particularly romantic, or perhaps we are aware of the circumstances even as we they are happening to us. Here are a few commonly held romantic situations that you may have enjoyed or will experience in the future.

Walking On A Beach At Sunset

Just to be clear on the matter, this beach is not Blackpool beach. The ideal is often a Caribbean Island or somewhere far away on a different continent, although there are enough small inlets and islands around Europe that have a nice enough beach for the purpose. The romantic notion is that the pair of you walk arm in arm along the beach - often just before or after dinner - and this is why so many honeymoons have a seaside location, so that people can act out this scene exactly for themselves.

Going Up In A Hot Air Balloon

Because hot air balloons are seen as such romantic modes of transport there is certainly an aspect to the trip that can excite a couple. Of course, this is enhanced when the trip is taken at sunset or at dawn as the light will give everything a golden tinge, making us feel all nostalgic and warm. Of particular relevance as well is that the two of you can look down on the rest of the world from a hot air balloon and really imagine that you are important people in charge of your own destination.

A Restaurant Where Someone Comes Off The Street Selling Roses

If the two of you go out to the right sort of restaurant (and again, Pizza Express is not the right sort of restaurant for this type of evening) then the atmosphere can be romantic enough, as you share a bottle of wine and some good food. However, if a man wanders in off the street selling roses then the situation immediately becomes even more romantic, as your partner will definitely feel a closer affection for you if you prove your love by buying some flowers you were pressured into purchasing by a stranger, flowers you wouldn't have considered buying had the chap not turned up at your table in the first place.

As you can see there are many potential romantic moments in our lives, some that need to be planned and others that are spontaneous. What's your favourite romantic setting?

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