3 Romantic Dawn Settings

For many of us, just getting up in time for dawn is a special enough occasion -even in the winter when the nights last that bit longer. However, the rising sun does add a certain mystique to a moment and so here are a few events that can be that much more romantic because they can happen at dawn.

Flying In A Hot Air Balloon

Going up into the sky with your loved-one can be a romantic enough moment as it is, but if you do so with them just as the sun is peeping over the horizon the sense of romance is greatly heightened as the unusual light shows the world in an entirely different, and more golden, colour. Of course there's also the shared sense of enjoying the spectacular views together that a ride in a hot air balloon always affords, however the new colours you can witness make it even more special.

Climbing A Hill

Again, in a way that is very similar to flying a hot air balloon, this shared moment can be romantic because you are seeing the sun rise and change the complexion of the countryside around you. On top of that, there is also a shared achievement at having (presumably) walked quite some distance to get to your peak and as such this will also draw you closer together. On the other hand, if exercise - no matter how unstrenuous - really isn't you or your partner's thing then this might be an activity best avoided.

Horse Riding

If you are both skilled horse riders then riding through a forest or field together as the light gradually increases can be a fantastically romantic experience. Of course, by feeling the wind on your hair and on your face as a result of the faster than normal movement you can really get the endorphins going and this will make you feel more positive about life in general but about your partner in particular. Your endorphins are likely to be heightened as a result of the exercise, but as with climbing a hill, if one of you doesn't like exercise then this may be an activity best avoided.

As you can see there are plenty of different experience that have an enhanced romantic atmosphere because they take place at dawn. Which do you think is most likely to appeal to you - or is it something else entirely different.

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