WordPress and Finding the Best WordPress Plugins for Free

Becoming a successful WordPress blogger does not happen easily. You need a good theme, an interesting blog and of course plugins that can help leverage your blog. There are many plugins for free in the internet. You only need to find those plugins which can help your blog the most. Finding the necessary plugins that cope with your blog's needs can take some time. The following are some of the plugins that offer great services for free.

The WordPress SEO. Joost De Valk developed this WordPress SEO which is the plugin that gives you the all in one SEO job. With WordPress SEO, you don't have to install other sitemap plugins like Google or HTML sitemaps. This SEO keeps your blog neat while giving your blog the meta values without your recalling of HTML files that you got on your server. This plugin updates your meta tags so that your blog or website is optimized for higher results in search engines.

The W3 Total Cache. This is a special booster for your blog. The W3 Total Cache gives the page loading of your blog some speed. Thanks to its faster image loading, your reader won't get nasty waiting for your blog to roll. This plugin helps in delivering your blog immediately to its full content.

I-Max Width. This plugin helps your images fit into your theme easily. Posts need images so that your visitors won't get bored on so many letters. This plugin can maximize the fashion or design on your blog. With this plugin, there are no distorted images in your site.

Broken Link Checker. As the name implies, this plugin cleans your site of broken links. This is a must have plugin that removes or fixes the broken links in your blog or website from time to time.

Share This. Get this plugin for adding traffic to your site. This enables the sharing of your post in one click to many social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and other active sites. In one click your recent or later posts are shared instantly.

Newsletter Sign Up. This plugin enables your readers to have your weekly or monthly posts or updates delivered to their emails. Signing up to your newsletters means that they are interested to having your topics in their inbox. The supplementary basis is a great deal for the success of your site.

CommentLuv. Commenting by using CommentLuv enables a link back to the commenter's site. That way, links benefit both the blogger and the commentator. CommentLuv pulls the links from the RSS feed of the commentator and put it just below their comment.

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer. Affiliate marketers definitely need Amazon link localizer to enhance and activate their sales by localizing the clicks. Therefore, the Amazon products are nearer to the clicker. WP Stats. This plugin enables you to know how many visitors come to your website or blog. This is important so that you know how to make more visitors to your site.

Reply Me. This plugin emails your commentator so that you can actually have a contact about the topic. This plugin automatically answers an email so that they know that you will get back to them as soon as possible. You can also use Reply Me when you are sponsoring something online.

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