How to Know if He's Ready for the Next Step

For many people, the best part of a relationship is usually the beginning. The honeymoon phase is full of excitement, anticipation, and all the fun there is in getting to know each other. Still, no romance is without its bumps in the road, and the trials you face together after the butterflies have worn off will indicate if you're actually compatible and prepared to turn things up a notch. Keep in mind that saying the 'L' word and hanging out with each other's friends aren't the only giveaways. Check out some additional instances that'll let you know if you can handle something more serious.

7 Signs that Your Relationship is Ready for an Upgrade

1. Telepathy

Sometimes you can be around a person long enough to start thinking the same thoughts at the same time, or even finishing their sentences. While this can feel a little creepy, it's a good sign that says you and your sweetheart may be the match you've been waiting for. Go with it, and don't be afraid to want more.

2. There's no awkward moments

The first date or phone conversation can leave you with the jitters and even cause some stumbling over words. However, as time progresses, you two should be able to move past the initial clumsy moments. Feeling completely comfortable with each other is another indication that you're doing something right.

3. You've met and get along with the family

If you've survived meeting your significant other's parents, you're one step closer to forming a lasting connection. The other half of the battle may be to strike up a friendship with the siblings or at least remain cordial. Anything's possible if you're willing to work at it.

4. Financial stability

Having big dreams about being together for the long haul probably won't manifest unless there's some economic security. This doesn't mean the whole relationship should be based on the size of your bank accounts, but it's a relief to know you both have decent credit, little to no debt, and funds for emergencies or vacations. It could also be the green light if you begin searching Wedding Blogs together, discuss raising a family, or putting a down payment on a new residence.

5. No emotional baggage

If your relationship's in the clear of unhealthy emotional problems, such as lingering ex-partners, co-dependency, or abusive issues, then you may be ready to tread on new territories together. Sometimes consulting a qualified indivdiual with a background in counseling is essential to maintaing longevity in this area. Only time will tell, but this is another pleasant indicator.

6. You're okay with each other's flaws/habits

One of the biggest obstacles for most relationships is people who aren't able to get past each other's imperfections. Realizing that no one's the perfect angel can help strengthen the connection. Find out if you can live with each other's quirks and resort to constructive criticism ony when necessary. This will determine if you're really able to stand the test of time.

7. You know when to give each other space

Being clingy or possessive is a major reason why many relationships don't make it either. If you've learned how to enjoy yourselves while you're not in each other's company, you're bound to have more meaningful experiences when you're together. Missing each other a little bit can always increase the spice in a romance.

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