New Year's Resolution: Get in Shape!

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Did you make a resolution to get in shape or lose weight this year? How is that coming along so far? Are you shaking your head and thinking "Not great"? It's time to change that! For those of us set on losing weight or getting into shape for 2012, it's time to take action and do so. Let's take that first step together and make the commitment to get in shape! Here are some great tips to help you keep this commitment.

First, grab a pen and paper and for the next week write down everything you eat. And I mean EVERYTHING. The only person who is going to read this is you, so no reason to lie or fake what you eat. At the end of the week go back and look at your week. How many times did you eat out during the week? How many bags of chips, chocolate chip cookies, or pizza slices did you eat? Once you figure out your eating habits you can work on correcting them and eating healthier.

Next, look in your cabinets. That box of brownies oogling you from the far back needs to go. Having these items around when you're working on eating healthier will only hinder your goal. You don't need to cut these items out completely, but moderation is key. If you know you'll eat that entire box of Girl Scout Cookies then don't purchase them!

Time to figure out your workout schedule! Whether you sign up for a gym, go to a local park, or use an exercise video, it's important to build a routine. Once you get into the habit of working out several times a week, you'll get to a point where not working out will feel out of place. Water aerobics and cardio are excellent ways to burn fat and get in shape!

Once you figure out your new eating habits and workout schedule, it's time to throw out all the excuses! Even when you are tired, stressed, or busy, you have to make the time! If you're not willing to put in the work, you won't get the results you want.

A great tip for motivation is to join up with a friend. When you go into a goal with support you're more likely to succeed. So whether you sign up with a local group, or gather some friends, the support will help push you to the finish line.

At the end of the day, success is up to you. In order to succeed you need to eat healthy, exercise daily, and motivate yourself. So wipe out the excuses, throw out the junk food, and get moving! You're weight loss goal is just around the corner!

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