Chic Patio and Backyard Furniture: Outdoor Furniture For All Seasons

The correct choice of outdoor furniture can transform an ordinary garden, backyard or patio into the perfect outdoors room. If you live in a warm climate such as Miami, Scottsdale, LA or even if you are looking for furniture in Atlanta, you can make the most of your climate with the right choice of outdoor furniture for your garden parties or barbecues.

Even if you are alone, its great just to spend a nice warm evening relaxing by the pool or even in your backyard reading a book while relaxing on a lounger. There is a large selection of outdoor furniture available online to enable you to make most of times such as theses, including loveseats, rockers, gliders, wicker chairs and a whole host of cocktail tables and chairs to go with them.

Many people wait until winter to purchase their outdoor furniture as well as their new gas and charcoal barbecues, bullet smokers and patio lights and heaters. That's when such summer items are cheapest, but you have no need to wait until then if you have a need for them now. Even if you are on a tight budget for outdoor furniture, there are furniture stores online that can offer you discounts on garden furniture right now.

Here are some ideas on the type of furniture you might be thinking about, and perhaps some that will be new to you:

All-Weather Veranda Furniture

If you have a veranda there are alternatives to the ubiquitous wooden rocking chair. An example is a wicker sofa or a loveseat glider - an intimate two-seater couch that has a smooth gliding action rather than a rocker. These are available with cushions in a variety of materials, such as leather, faux leather and various fabrics that are either weather resistant or can be taken indoors in the event of a storm.

Most types of wicker furniture are suitable for all-weather use since wicker and cane are highly resistant to rain and sun. Once it dries out, you can replace the cushions and get comfortable again. You can also get a variety of wicker chairs, cocktail tables and end tables, and also a wicker ottoman. You can get three-cushion wicker sofas along with a wicker table with a glass top to match.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Much of the outdoor furniture available today is made of aluminum, which itself is rust-proof, but can also be powder coated to a black or antique finish. Bar stools are common, as are chairs, either with fixed legs or on a swivel mechanism allowing easy 360 degree movement. Powder coated cast aluminum is resistant to all weather conditions, and also to chipping, scratching and flaking, so they last a very long time even in the worst of conditions outdoors.

Along with the stools and chairs, you can get tables in the same finishes. These are available in a number of sizes, although 42 inch square and 48 inch round tables are popular. Just the right size for a patio, and able to seat at least four and likely more.

Fire Pits for Heat and Fun

Fire pits bring warmth and a feeling of ambience to your patio, or even to a garden or poolside. You can install a table fashioned from an aluminum frame with a ceramic tile top, and fit a fire pit into the center - that would be just perfect with seating arranged round it and the fire burning in the middle for fondues or even barbecuing. It's great for late evenings when the temperature starts dropping.

Under the table-top and fire pit is a lava rock storage area for LPG, and most also have a natural gas conversion kit installed there. The gas is lit under the coals that offer a welcome warmth on the cool fall evenings as it slowly fades into winter. Several beers or a shared bottle of wine is a wonderful way to spend an evening outdoors with friends round the fire pit.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Many people use their backyard or patio area as an outdoor living room during the spring and summer. Why live indoors with the air conditioning on when you can have natural air conditioning outdoors and healthy fresh air besides. This is where the wicker sofas, tables and chairs become very handy, and you can even use the fire pit to warm up some fondue if you have friends round.

You could set up a barbecue island on your patio or decking, with all-weather tables and chairs set round it and get your TV or sound system set up as well. Then you have no need to live indoors at all except to sleep! Maybe that is being a bit over-optimistic, but this type of chic outdoor furniture for gardens and patios can easily put you into a romantic frame of mind.

Where do you find it? You should be able to find outdoor furniture at your local furniture store, or failing that, just go online and carry out a search using the search terms 'outdoor furniture' or 'veranda furniture.' You are sure to find what you want.

For more details of outoor furniture in Atlanta Georgia, visit where you will find all you need for your patio, garden or backyard to become a haven for friends and visitors this spring and summer,

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