What Should Your Primary Focus Be When Selling Your House?

When it's time to sell my own home, I use the same techniques to sell my personal residence as I use to sell my investment properties. Since I'm a real estate investor with a system all set up, it's easy for me to sell my own home by owner. But the truth is, it's not difficult for anyone to market a home by owner. It can be time-consuming, but it is certainly not difficult at all.

The primary focus should be finding a buyer. That is the first part of the process, and nothing else can happen until a buyer is found. This sounds rather obvious, but the fact is that many sellers overlook it, the obvious. I've noticed that the first thing many sellers want to do is hand over the entire responsibility of selling their home to someone else, usually a real estate agent. That used to be more effective than it is at the present time. These days, it takes the efforts of both the seller and his or her agent to complete all the tasks necessary to sell your own home.

Let me be more specific about the tasks. There are a variety of tasks associated with making a sale, and the list includes preparing the home for showing, marketing the home online, marketing the home by personal contact and holding open houses. This list is not exhaustive by any means, but it's a good start. It's a perfect way to begin thinking about what you can do yourself, because it's what I do.

To sell my home, I spend some time looking at my home thoroughly, to determine if any repairs are necessary or any of my personal belongings need to be stored in order to reduce clutter and make the place look more presentable for showing. It helps me to have somebody else walk through my home with me, because another set of eyes can often lend perspective to a situation where we have become so familiar that we cannot see it the same way others see it. So, get a friend or relative to walk through your home with you as you make a list of things to accomplish before showing it to prospective buyers.

Then, once I've made any improvements and completely de-cluttered my home, I sit down and write very detailed ads to post on craigslist and ebay classifieds. Those are the two sites online where I've had the best results getting sales leads to sell my own home. After people start responding, I invite them to an open house so they can tour the place and make me an offer. This has system worked well for me, and it continues to do so, even in the present economy.

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