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Plastic boxes are so essential for storing various objects and items that one may not realize that there are literally hundreds of shapes available. The need to store food, collectibles or numerous other items is so pervasive that durable containers are a necessity for many people today. These containers come in every size and shape imaginable to meet general or specific purposes.

General categories of boxes include those that are compartmented, hinged and unhinged, and each is designed for a variety of purposes and uses. Many colors are available, and most are transparent so that the contents are easily identified without the need to open the container.

Compartmented boxes are used by many professionals, carpenters, teachers, mechanics and almost every other line of work. Small items stored in compartments stay separate from others that are similar in size and shape and function, making them easy to identify and select for use. Hobbyists use them for storing beads, jewelry findings and other items required in the craft. Biologists need them for saving specimens safely contained in a small area. Many people who need to take medications daily depend on them as a reliable and safe way to know whether the pills prescribed for a specific day are still in the compartment. A simple box can help people adhere to a healthy regimen that includes the regular intake of medication.

Hinged boxes are available in many different sizes and designs in square, rectangular and round shapes. The presence of a hinge on the container makes it both functional and decorative, and some have creative and attractively molded shapes for handles and latches. Colors for files are typically light blue or yellow, and some have ridges molded into the sturdy walls. Endless uses for file boxes include tax returns and records, lengthy documents and maps. The standard size can easily hold a three ring binder of various widths. Manufacturers of products that are marketed in a hinged box have an advantage with consumers who see another use for the container after the original product is removed. The lightweight and sturdy boxes are portable and can easily fit in a briefcase or a book bag to keep loose items confined. A quality package reduces damage to the product, and it adds to customer appeal.

A very helpful aspect of the unhinged box is its ease of stacking. Whether it is full or empty, it stacks very well in a neat column or row. When not in use, a box of the same size fits snugly inside another to conserve space and to create orderliness. The smaller sizes have many applications in the kitchen for food storage in an air-tight space, preserving the product for an extended period. The styles that are the length of a pencil provide a way for writers or teachers a way to organize a desktop so that all materials are easy to find. The items that tend to clutter on top of a desk are neatly stored to add a sense of organization and accessibility.

The versatility and affordability of plastic boxes make them suitable for a variety of applications and uses.

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