How To Build A Website For Your Band

You must know how to build a website for your band before you can use the Internet to get a following. In the past, bands had to tour around and play small shows in order to get more fans. You do not have to do this now, though. You can just put your songs up online for people to listen to on their computers. If you do enough work with promotion, you can start a following among people who have never actually seen you play a single note. You may be able to sell shirts and CDs in this fashion. This can give you some money so that you can go on tour, where your fame may increase.

To make the site, you need to start with the music. You should have a section on the front page with your newest album or your newest selection of songs. Do not make it play automatically since people may not be expecting this to happen, but make it obvious that people can hear the songs if they click the play button. This should be in a position of prominence on the home page because it is the main thing that you are selling. You are trying to create a following based on your music alone, so you need to make sure that the music is the focal point of the entire site.

To do this, you also need to make another page with all of your old music. Maybe you are on your third CD with the band. You should have the other two (and the new one, if possible) on a distinct page where people can order the songs. They should also be able to download them if they do not want a physical CD. You should allow people to listen to all of this old music in its entirety. This is the only way to give someone who has never heard your songs before enough music that they will become a fan.

You may also want to have a new section so that people can keep up with what you are doing. Put down where you are going to be playing if you are already playing shows. It does not matter if you cannot get a gig that is bigger than the local bar. This will still make you look much more official. It will show people that your band is currently active. It will also give local fans a chance to come out and see you if they discovered you on the Internet and they want to learn more. Update this page every day so that people are not relying on information that is outdated or incorrect.

The last step is to give it a personal touch. Have a page with some official pictures of the band. Put up action shots from shows that you have played. Write a bio under each member so that people can learn about you and what you do. If you have the time, add in a blog where you write about what is going on with the band, and enable the comments so that people can respond to you. When fans can interact with their favorite entertainers, they become much stronger fans and they grow more dedicated to buying all of the newest albums.

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