How To Save Money When Returning A Rental Car

One thing is certainly true. In today's world, almost everyone needs to travel. This travel may be for business or pleasure. Whatever the case, people need a way to move around. Often, this requires the use of a rental car.

Unfortunately, renting a car can be quite an expensive proposition. The rates charged up front may be quite high. However, a person may incur even more whopping changes when returning a rental. Thankfully, these charges can be avoided. A person simply needs to know what do before returning the car to the agency.

First, the driver should discuss with the agency about how to return the car. The destination the car will be driven to should be discussed. In certain cases, a driver may have to drop the car off at a place somewhere near that destination. How to do this and anything else that may be required should be explained before the rental car is paid for.

Once the place where the car will need to be dropped off is determined, that specific drop off place needs to be located. This can be done using a map produced online, a paper map or the car's GPS system. Most often, the car will have to be left at a specific spot reserved for that agency at a bus station, train station or airport. In certain cases, the drop off point may be at an agency location in the destination city.

Making it to the agreed upon drop-off point ahead of time is very important to avoiding any kind of fees for being late. This is why the end of a person's trip should be planned around turning in the car on time. Otherwise, a car may be turned in late and extra charges could be added.

The possibility of charges should also be discovered well beforehand. The contract for renting the car may be long, but it is important that it is read in full well before the driver gets into the car.

Rentals have to be returned within a specific window. If they are not, up to a full extra day may be charged to the driver's credit card. Other charges for other things the driver ignored may also be explained in the contract. Over all, knowing what the possible charges could be beforehand will make avoiding them a whole lot easier.

A person should also make sure to drive carefully when using the rental at all times. This includes while driving down the road and while doing less dangerous things like pulling out of a parking space or opening the doors. More than likely, before the drop-off can be completed, a walk-around inspection will be performed on the vehicle by a company representative. The car will be inspected for any damage to the exterior, paint-job or interior. If any damage is discovered, this can be costly.

The gas in the car should also be topped off before it is returned. If the fuel tank is near empty, this will certainly cost the driver. However, if the driver fills it up beforehand, the likelihood of saving money on the car's gas will certainly be higher.

Lastly, the car should be thoroughly cleaned to the point that it appears in the same condition it was in before it was acquired from the agency. If it appears dirty, a hefty cleaning charge could be added to the bill.

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