Pottery Wheel For Kids: Is It The Right Thing To Spend Your Hard Earned Money On?

How do you know if a pottery wheel for kids is right for your child or a mistake? There are so many toys you could get your child out there and this is one that you probably aren't thinking about very much unless of course, you happen to be a potter yourself.
First, you need to do a little mini-assessment and see if temperamentally speaking, your child will benefit from doing pottery.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself...

Does my child need to be taught to focus better?

This is a rhetorical question because it probably goes without saying that all children need to work on their concentration skills. It certainly goes without saying that our Internet-based society is becoming more and more ADHD as a whole. Our minds are being conditioned to react at evermore heightened levels to shiny objects all around us both orally and visually. By getting something like a pottery wheel for kids, you are teaching your child how to do one task and focus on it until it is done. The wet clay is unforgiving and if you don't use it while it's wet and malleable it will be too late and your child will have to start over again. This is just a great counterbalancing effect to what our children are exposed to day in and day out in this online world we live in.

Does my child need an artistic outlet?

Most parents believe that their children should have some familiarity with the arts and with music. It is well known that cognitive improvements can be expected from interaction with music alone. By showing your child another side of this world than they typically experience in school they are becoming more well rounded people.

Also, do you have an area in your house where you won't mind the mess?

You cannot neglect this aspect of getting a pottery wheel in your house that periodically is going to be a mess. And you have got to have an area where you won't mind your child experiencing the art form without concern about the need be neat. This is part of the conceptual objectives that pottery specifically is trying to teach. Showing our children's minds that a little bit of mess in the creation of something unique and beautiful is important and is a very worthwhile lesson for parents to teach their children.

In summary, getting a kids pottery wheel is almost always a good thing for young children to at least do for a while. With the attention deficit world we live in, focus is something we are all lacking more and more - our kids are no different. This lack of attention to detail will manifest itself in a variety of educational and vocational genres as the child grows older. Kids need something to pull them away from the relentless tide of the Internet and its high distractibility quotient.

Roger Brown has been involved with the Arts from Day 1 and has significant experience in optimizing costs for individuals and companies all over North America. Check out Roger's tips on how to find the best Kids Pottery Wheel at http://kidspotterywheel.info/best-kids-pottery-wheel-clay-as-therapy/

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