Trust Your Pet To A Pet Cemetery

For many, a pet is more than just an animal companion. Pets are irreplaceable members of countless families. Having an animal is a responsibility and a privilege that can add joy to a person's life. Unfortunately, most animals do not live as long as their owners. When a beloved pet passes away, it can bring pain and sadness to the people who loved it. If an owner is not ready to say goodbye to their pet, or just wishes to memorialize them, then they might consider having their companion interred in a pet cemetery. Pet cemeteries are specifically dedicated to the burial or cremation of animals and provide all the services of a funeral home.

When grieving the loss of a pet, it may be difficult to decide what to do with the body. For each individual case, there are emotional, financial and spiritual factors to be considered when deciding the final resting place of a dearly departed pet. Many veterinary offices will store the remains of a pet for a few days while the owner makes funerary arrangements. There are many options available to a mourning pet owner, such as home burial or allowing the veterinary office to dispose of the remains. For pet owners that want the memorial of their animal to be special, a pet cemetery may be the ideal option.

In order to choose a cemetery and funeral fit for an individual pet, there are a few things to consider. Those who want their pet close to home have the option of cremating their pet and having the ashes placed in an urn. Many animal cemeteries perform mass cremations in which several pets are simultaneously cremated and, if the crematorium is a genuine one, the ashes will go to a memorial area. If a pet owner does not want their animal cremated with others, they can request an individual cremation. Once an animal is cremated and interred in an urn, their owner has the option of keeping the ashes, scattering them or having the cemetery bury the urn in the premises.

For those that want to have their animal buried, there are two options. For a private burial, they can purchase or rent a plot of land and a tomb stone for their pet and have them buried in an individual grave. The other option is communal burial where they can have their pet buried in a grave with other animals. Pets buried in a communal burial may have their name inscribed on a plate on a memorial wall or possibly have a plaque in a memorial bed. Either option will allow the owner to visit their pets resting place to say a fond farewell.

Losing a pet will always be a difficult experience, but grieving owners can take comfort in the knowledge that there are places where their dearly departed animals can find eternal rest.

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