Travelling with Golf Clubs

Travelling abroad to visit and enjoy some of the world's top golfing resorts is a fantastic way to improve your game, relax and escape the monotonous stress of day-to-day life all in one trip. There are a few extra things to consider when travelling with a set of clubs however, and it certainly pays to think about a few things in advance before heading out. So, here are some tips that could save you a lot of hassle in the long-run.

· Always check your chosen airline's size and weight allowances weeks before your vacation comes around; this gives you extra time to account for any extra weight fees you may have to pay, or add/remove clubs from your set to match the weight allowance a little better. A god way of cutting down on weight is changing a hard carry case for a more lightweight padded bag.

· Treat your set of clubs as you would treat a suitcase; always check the tags added to them in the airport for the correct name and destination.

· Remember that more people on your flight may be heading to golfing resorts if they are popular attractions; it is very possible that another golfer will have a similar or identical golf bags to yours so mark yours with something visible and noticeable such as stickers and tags to avoid any mix ups and confusion.

· Take a full itinerary of your bag's contents before travelling as this can come in handy in several circumstances. Some airlines do ask about the number of clubs you are carrying during check in and if there are any lost clubs during transportation you are sure to notice when you check after your flight.

· Take a digital picture of your golf club set so you can compare after the flight. Again, this could come in very handy if there is any damage or loss to any of your clubs and can be useful if insurance claims are made.

· If you notice any clubs are damaged or missing upon arrival, be sure to log the incident with your airline straight away, the sooner the report is made the less likely it could be that you damaged the clubs yourself.

So there are our helpful hints and thoughts to ensure your golfing trip runs as smoothly as possible. Remember to always plan in advance and treat your club set with extreme care and attention.

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