Creating The Illusion Of Space In A Small Bathroom

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Having a small bathroom is a common problem and not the most ideal way of being able to enjoy a luxurious bathing experience. Having an uncramped space with freedom to indulge and unwind after a long day would be the first choice for many. A bathroom with freedom to dance infront of the mirror or in the shower to release any stress or tension. This may seem an impossible treat to some homeowners without the privileges of such a large area to divulge, but simple illusions can help create the feeling of space and comfort.

Choosing neutral colours instead of dark and bold shades can instantly lift a small room by creating a light and airy atmosphere. Avoiding dark shades on the ceiling especially can open up a small room and produce the impression of more space.

Mirrors also create this illusion by tricking the eye into thinking the space continues within the reflection. They also reflect more light which again enhances this same impression. Mirrors which face each other will also make the room seem as though it continues further than it actually does.

De-cluttering a small room will instantly convert a confined space and open up previously restricted areas. Clean-lined interior fittings that can be fixed neatly into corners of your bathroom will instantly make the most of any space that could initially be wasted. Try to keep furniture to a minimum by investing in multi functional furnishings and avoiding anything large and unnecessary that may only provide aesthetic pleasures.

Specifically designed bathroom fixtures are also beneficial when the issue of having little space is concerned. Glass panels, shower doors and enclosures are a proven deceptive trick, as transparent materials obviously don't hinder the view of any other space within the room.

Shower enclosures which slide or bi-fold instead of opening out into the room are a certain way in which to ensure space intrusion is kept to a minimal, as well as being convenient and stylish.

Light fixtures that hang down will only obstruct valuable room even more, so fitting spotlights in the ceiling for instance can resolve this issue. Vertically striped wallpaper can also benefit a small space by drawing the eye upwards therefore making the room feel much taller and wider.

With a few simple but effective changes to your design, layout and furnishings it is quite possible for you to enjoy the lavish and tranquil experience even in the most smallest of home bathrooms.

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