Finding The Right Senior Help For Your Loved One

Most seniors want to stay in their own homes. However, as your loved one grows older the need for senior help becomes inevitable. But it is important to look at the big picture first to determine whether this is the best option for him or not. Knowing all your options as well as your budget and your limitations is important to making the right decision.

Because every home is unique, consider carefully the best choice for your senior parent. Here are some of the factors you need to evaluate.

Accessibility and Home Location

Does your folk lives in an area that needs a lot of driving? If he lives in a place where there is plenty of public transit, consider whether it is safe and easily reached and determine how much time he needs to get to shopping services or medical appointments. If his area has plenty of public transit, study whether it is safe and accessible.

Home Maintenance and Modification

When providing senior help for your loved one at his own home, make sure his home can be easily modified. A home with lots of steps is not safe for seniors who are living on their own. Senior help may also be necessary if your parents have a large yard that they can no longer maintain on their own.

Available Support

Most elderly people prefer to receive senior help from their own family, and this can only be possible if their family live nearby and if their needs are minimal. However, as senior help increases, their family might not be able to respond to all their needs. At this point, seeking senior help outside the family may be necessary.


If leaving your home becomes very difficult or impossible for your elderly loved one, the feeling of isolation can easily set in. They might have difficulty engaging in hobbies that they used to love or participate in community services that kept them motivated. Losing these important connections might lead to depression.

Medical Conditions

Consider whether or not your senior loved one has a chronic medical condition. Or if there are common complications to his condition and analyze how you're going to handle them.

Should you decide to hire senior care services for your elderly parent, make sure that you involve him in the decision making process. This is because most seniors have been used to doing everything for themselves or working together with their spouses, or they prefer depending on family members for senior help. But as the need for some changes arises, making them aware of all the senior help available outside the family can make it easier for them to accept such changes. Senior help comes in many different forms, and the type of senior service that you hire will depend on your parents' needs. Below are some types of senior help that you can hire for your senior parents.

Housekeeping Services

If keeping their home run smoothly becomes very difficult for your elderly folks, then consider hiring such senior help as laundry, handyman services, gardening, and shopping. You can also hire services related to their financial and healthcare management.

Transportation Services

Transportation is often a major issue among seniors. They might not be able to drive or travel for their medical appointments anymore. Transportation help can be provided to them in order to maintain their independence as well as their social connections.

Personal Care

Senior help in the form of personal care can be provided, and this includes activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, bathing, meal preparation, feeding. Personal care services can be provided ranging from a few hours a day to a round the clock care. Those who provide this type of care include home care aids, personal care aids, and home health aides. Home health aides may also offer limited help in taking blood pressure, medication reminders, or other forms of skilled services.

Health Care

Health care services can only be provided by qualified and certified medical professionals such as home health nurses, therapists and social workers. Hospice care is another form of senior help that can be provided at home.

These are some of the senior help that you can hire for your senior loved one. Knowing exactly what your senior parents need is key to hiring the right senior care provider that provides those needs.

Peter Mangiola is founder ofSenior Helpers in home care Hammonton NJ. Our Hammonton NJ personal care services will provide you with as much care necessary for your loved ones to enjoy living independently at home. Learn more at

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