Brush Your Teeth - Tips For Healthier And Brighter Teeth

Looking after your teeth is important for your general well-being and your appearance. Here are some simple tips to brush your teeth to have healthier and brighter teeth.

Although brushing is something done on daily basis by most people, it is always advisable to brush up a little bit on how it is done, because brushing with the proper technique is equally important as attention.

Choose a regimen and adhere to it daily. Establishing a proper technique and routine of brushing your teeth can help a great deal in preventing gum disease and dental caries.

Always start by brushing the same place in the mouth. In this way you make sure all your teeth each time you brush. A good place in which to start is at the molars. Since it is a hard-to-reach place, you will have to spend more time there and give it attention as well.

Lightly press with your brush at a 45 degree angle. Brush the gums and front of your teeth back and forth for a few seconds. Using the same technique more around your mouth slowly until you get to the other side. Be gentle on the gum line as this can be affected by gingivitis.

After reaching the other side, rotate your brush and let it rest at the back of the gum and tooth, and with the same angle as well as circular motion scrub your way back to where you started.

Next, swiftly brush along the chewing surface or top face of your teeth.

Next, complete the process by brushing the teeth you have not brushed.

Finally, don't forget the roof of the mouth and tongue. Damaging bacteria which cause plaque can hide out there.

And lastly rinse out your mouth.

Should you use the latest in technology? There are electric and manual toothbrushes that have been scientifically designed in a way that the manufacturers say will rid teeth of more plaque than other models. Don't be fooled by cheap talk. If you want the latest technological brush be sure to check you can comfortably use it first. The brush should also be able to reach places where your older brush could not.

Seek expert advice. Check with your dentist if you are thinking of trying a new type of brush. They might even have samples you can try out. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. You should select a brush that is up to the proper standard.

If for any reason you can't use a manual brush, an electric toothbrush is definitey worth trying out.

Having the correct brushing technique is important but it is not the only thing you need to prevent teeth decay and other dental problems. It is advisable to floss on a regular basis too, plus have regular check ups with your dentist.

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