Top 5 Rock Concert Moments Of All Time

Choosing the best rock concert moment of all time can be a tough call and it can be affected by personal preferences, but there are still some moments that stand out from the rest, for one reason or another. The list that follows is just five of the best, rock concert moments that have earned a place in history and will never be forgotten.

1) Classic rock fans may remember the infamous performance by The Who on a 1967 appearance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour television show. The group's drummer, Keith Moon, decided to make a splash and put a bunch of explosives in his bass drum. These were detonated during the finale with memorable results. Bette Davis, a famous movie star who was also a guest on the show, fainted dead away, and lead guitarist Pete Townshend's hair was set ablaze. Moon certainly made the performance memorable, but not necessarily for all the right reasons.

2) Everyone has seen the clip of Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show back in 1956 where the camera wouldn't show anything below his waist. Much of the audience, both in the studio and watching at home on television, didn't know how to deal with Elvis' style, but just the same this televised concert propelled Elvis to his spot as the King of Rock and Roll, a place he holds to this day.

3) The Live Aid Festival in 1985 was a classic rock moment for Freddy Mercury and Queen because of his powerful performance that truly rocked the audience. Freddy reached out to the audience and got them all clapping in unison, no small task when you consider there were 75,000 people present. Even 20 years later, a 2005 BBC poll ranks this moment at the top of the best rock concert moment ever during a live event.

4) At the top of the list as far as controversial events goes is Jimi Hendrix's unforgettable performance of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock in 1969. His unique rendition, accompanied by twangs and hits on his guitar that resembled the sounds of war, earned him either admiration or hatred from all who heard it, with very few listeners remaining on middle ground.

5) No listing of top rock concert moments would be complete without a mention of the American debut of a group of lads from Liverpool, England on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. While this concert played for a small studio audience and not in a huge arena, it was watched by much of America and launched The Beatles to fame in this country.

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