How To Get A Man To Propose - 6 Ways That Never Work

If you've been wondering how to get a man to propose, you're not the only one. Women have been pondering that question for centuries, and despite the best efforts of loving girlfriends, men continue to be mule-like stubborn when it comes to marriage and commitment.

If you want to get creative, you can drug him and carry him to the altar or club him over the head and drag him by the hair like they do in the old caveman cartoons, but don't tell anyone you heard that from me. (It's not legal in all 50 states).

All kidding aside, there are actions you can take to help push (in the most subtle of ways) your man closer to a proposal. The problem is most women go about this process in completely the wrong way. If you want to convince him you're the one and only woman in the world for him, then you need to start looking at commitment from a man's perspective.

The wrong way to go about getting a man to propose involves:

1.) Interrogations about why he hasn't proposed yet.

2.) Questioning his love for you.

3.) Pouting and acting disappointed.

4.) Being insecure and thinking there might be someone else.

5.) Getting emotional about the whole situation.

6.) Talking about all of your friend's weddings and how extravagant and amazing they were.

If you participate in the above activities, then you're reinforcing in his mind all the reasons he HASN'T proposed yet. That's right, you're making the problem worse.

It's ok. It's not your fault. You only knocked him out, remember? You didn't perform a lobotomy and switch brains, so you're still thinking about commitment from a woman's perspective.

For men, the thought of marriage is very stressful, and it has little to do with you. In fact, your man is probably deeply in love with you, but men think about things much more rationally than women do.

When a man thinks about proposing, he thinks about finances. He thinks about whether or not he'll be able to support you and a family. He stresses about figuring out the perfect way to propose so you're not somehow disappointed.

He stresses about how he's going to make your wedding even more amazing than all your friend's weddings. He worries you'll change and start complaining about all his faults, flaws, and imperfections. He worries you'll let yourself go and stop caring about your appearance.

All of these things create one extremely gun shy man. If you want to learn how to make a guy fall in love with you and how to get him to propose, then you must do what you can to help alleviate some of his fears.

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