Using The Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss

Losing weight is often complicated due to the wide range of fad diets, exercise programs and advice available on the market. While the idea that losing weight requires fewer calories eaten each day than are burned through normal activities and exercise is common, many have difficulty cutting back on calories. Using the raw food diet for weight loss can help naturally reduce caloric intake while also providing the body with needed nutrients to avoid health problems.

How the Raw Food Diet Works:

A raw food diet requires eating the majority of foods in a diet raw. In most cases, individuals who eat 75 percent or more of their diet raw are considered involved in the raw food diet, though some feel that 90 to 95 percent of the diet is best kept raw.

Generally, the diet is vegetarian and focuses on eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Processed foods and meat is eliminated from the diet, which dramatically cuts calories for most individuals since meat and processed foods are high in caloric content. Fish is still allowed, though it is usually eaten raw as sushi instead of cooked.

Losing Weight:

Since the raw foods are low in calories, fat and sodium, the diet has a dramatic impact on weight. The reduced sodium intake results in lower rates of water retention, which has an immediate impact on weight.

Lower fat and calories will also help reduce weight since it is difficult to eat a large amount of calories while eating primarily raw fruits and vegetables. The impact on weight is dramatic and many will see rapid weight loss at the beginning of the diet.

Potential Problem:

As a result of rapid weight loss, it is possible to end up with one particular problem: reduced bone density. Rapid weight loss from any diet has the potential risk of reduced bone mass and this includes the dramatic impact of the raw food diet on weight.

To balance the problem, anyone who is starting a raw food diet for weight loss should take measures to ensure the bone strength is maintained. Although most greens are high in calcium and many other vitamins, minerals, etc.,in some cases,it may be necessary to take some supplements. The body needs plenty of nutrients most of which are readily availabe in furits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but it may be necessary to take supplements if any deficienciew are found. As with any major change in diet or rapid weight loss you should have your blood work checked by a medical practitioner on a regular basis.

The raw food diet is a useful way to kick-start weight loss and reach out toward particular goals. While it is useful due to the dramatic change in caloric, fat and sodium intake, the diet will require proper management to avoid problems during the weight loss phase. Fortunately, supplements are available that help balance the problems may arise due to rapid weight loss, making the diet useful when trying to shed extra pounds.

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