Can You Make Money Online?

The internet is a fresh space for new business ventures and even new kinds of freelance work. Everyone can make money online if they are tech-savvy, skilled, and willing to put in the necessary work to learn the landscape of this new frontier. The ways people have made an income online are too numerous to name; however, there are a few approaches that offer a special appeal to those with a generalized technology skill-set and the ability to write well. These include content writing, building and owning independent information websites, and blogging while selling an informational product.

Creating content is an excellent option for those who want to write and do little else. There is no marketing to worry about, and the technical skills required are minimal. Content writing for the web is most efficiently done through a content writing service. These offer many different structures. At one level, the service simply provides a secure environment for client and writer interaction to take place, including "bids" on jobs. Other services rate authors on the quality of their work and grant them access to jobs at the corresponding pay level. Still others make their selections based on resumes and formal credentials.

Another approach to making money online is to build and own informational websites that earn passive income. These informational websites can be monetized through various advertisement programs and affiliate networks. They will need to rank high in various search engines in order to draw traffic, so a working understanding of search-engine optimization is required. A technical knowledge of how to build a basic website is an obvious necessity, as is a small initial investment in a domain name and hosting. Writing can be outsourced, but a small-scale entrepreneur new to the game may want to or benefit from writing their own content. Certain optional, but potentially very helpful, investments include software for everything from SEO to website building.

A very popular strategy for making money in the online world involves blogging on a subject one is deeply knowledgeable or interested in and simultaneously selling an informational product on the same subject. The blog serves as marketing and a demonstration to would-be buyers that the writer is proficient in the subject their product addresses. The blog can be thought of as a sample, but it also serves as an advertisement. A regularly updated blog can boost search-engine rankings and provide an audience. The blog itself can be monetized through ad and affiliate networks. To pull this off, one not only needs a generalized knowledge of technology and an ability to write, but also a deep knowledge of the chosen niche. This requires skill with blogging software and the ability to build an informational product. Often, these are simply an e-book in .pdf format. As with owning any website, there is a financial investment of a domain name and hosting.

These are a narrow few possibilities in the world of online money-making, but with writing skill and basic technical proficiency, almost anyone can learn how to do it. The world of online income isn't limited to Havard geeks with an idea and programming chops or those with the money of big investors pouring in behind them. In a time when cyber-space is being evermore integrated into our everyday lives, it can also be leveraged to earn a living.

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