How To Find Out More About Tracking Green E REC's

Doing our part to preserve the environment, whether you are an individual person or part of a company, becomes more important daily to eliminate air pollution and reduce our carbon footprints. The use of renewable green energy helps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels that promote air pollution while still allowing us to operate equipment that uses electricity. This means more companies are purchasing Green E REC's, which stands for Green Energy Renewable Energy Certificates.

Also known as Green Renewable Energy Credits, Green Tags, and Tradable Renewable Certificates, these credits show that a company has purchased power produced by renewable energy projects -- such as wind power-- through energy generation services, according to the United States Department of Energy. Companies that don't have access to green energy from their local utility companies don't necessarily have to switch power providers. Renewable green energy generators feed the physical green electricity into the nearby electricity grid as it mixes with other generation sources, The United States Environmental Protection Agency states. For every 1000 kilowatt- hours (or 1 megawatt-hours) of green energy produced and placed into the grid, 1 renewable energy credit is created.

Every time a company purchases renewable energy, this helps create more of a demand for green energy products and projects that help the environment and reduces the dependency on using power created by burning fossil fuels and natural gas. By purchasing credits or certificates from the green energy providers, the funds generated can help them to become more economically and financially viable in the utilities markets. You, as the consumer, also save more money in your wallet since Green E RECs are a fraction of a price when compared to rates from other commodity electrical utilities.

Even though companies can purchase REC's even though there isn't a local green energy provider, a way has to be found to track where and how the renewable green electricity was first created and where it was added to the power grid. Tracking helps to verify that every renewable energy credit equals 1000 kilowatt-hours (or 1 megawatt-hours) of energy and that it has arrived at its final point of use on the electricity grid. Tracking also prevents duplicate selling of REC's.

You track your renewable energy certificates by purchasing through independent third-party REC auditing organizations. Organizations like these verify the renewable energy certificates aren't counted more than once. This is ideal when purchasing certificates outside your state. You can also purchase renewable energy credits through regional tracking systems that have an electronic database that tracks each numbered certificate. The tracking systems ensure the ownership of certificates and retires certificates after use.

Your company can do its part for the environment by purchasing Green E RECs.

Kris Hoffman has recently learned about wind power and other renewable energy and how they can have a positive impact on the environment. Renewable Choice Energy is leading the environmental charge by offering renewable energy credits. Visit to find out more about wind power and other renewable energy.

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