Access Granted: Electronic Cigarettes

Those who smoke cigarettes know all too well how often smokers are ostracized in society. There was once a time when smoking was allowed in a lot more establishments than is currently the case. Restaurants, bars, office buildings and airplanes are all places where it has, in the past, been okay to smoke. In today's times electronic cigarettes are likely the only way a person will be able to smoke inside any one of these places.

The electronic cigarette is what many are choosing as their way to transition away from smoking, and also gain re-entrance into a society that is constantly lowering its tolerance for the habit of smoking. Instead of needing to go outside to grab a smoke, users of the e cig can remain where they are and still be a part of the group all while getting their nicotine fix in a less harmful way.

How does it work?

Electronic cigarettes look pretty much like the real thing, but when you get close it becomes obvious how different they really are. For starters, an e cigarette doesn't contain tobacco, this means there are no chemicals like formaldehyde, arsenic, tar or other carcinogens to damage the body. The smoke that appears to be coming out of an e cig is actually not smoke at all.

Instead of smoke, the e cigarette releases vapor; this makes sense since the electronic cigarette is really just a small vaporizer. This vaporizer is filled with a cartridge of e juice; this juice can carry varying dosages of nicotine. Nicotine levels in a cartridge can be at the highest level or it can equal zero. This makes it a perfect option for those who are looking to stop smoking altogether.

While the e cigarette is not a cure for smoking, many use it to gradually step down their dependency on nicotine. It is a desirable alternative for many because, unlike with a nicotine patch, users still get to still go through the motions of smoking although it is completely different than the real thing. Smoking is often also about the oral stimulation provided by physically puffing on a cigarette and this is a way to still hold on to that sensation while eliminating the most harmful side effect - cigarette smoke.

Access granted

As stated earlier, one of the main perks of using this vaporizer is to get the nicotine fix while being inside many of the places where smoking is now banned. This, for many former traditional smokers, is akin to being allowed to rejoin society. These days, people are often seen in bars and restaurants happily smoking on the electronic version of an actual cigarette.

Access is now being granted to places where the "old-school" smoker was formerly denied because there is no more smoke with the electronic cigarette. Now anyone around a person using an e cigarette will not have to worry about the damaging effects of second-hand smoke. The e cig appears to be providing smokers with an open invitation to come in from the cold and back into the welcoming arms of a more health conscious society.

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