Winter Golf Gloves Offer Both Practicality and Warmth

It's 50 degrees and winds are brisk. Your usual buddies have abandoned you for a football game and yet you persevere. Your passion for the game can't be denied. So you gear up and head to the course with proper outerwear, especially winter golf gloves. You won't be denied. The siren is calling and you can't help but answer. No matter the weather conditions, for you, any day on the golf course is a great day.

For serious players, a little chill (or snow or rain) won't keep them off the course. Choosing all your gear is important, but perhaps none is more important than being able to keep your glove hand warm while still being able to "feel the club." There are gloves that come with leather fingertips designed to remain supple and still provide you that extra feel you need. This allows you to stay warm on the course, but not lose your touch because your gloves are so thick you can't get a grip on your game.

You'll find gloves on the market for both men and women, in all shapes and sizes. Men aren't the only ones crazy about golf. Women are making inroads into what once was a male dominated sport and specialized equipment is following the trend. You can even find gloves to wear on both hands for extremely cold climates. Typical features include a weatherproof membrane, often placed between layers of fleece and longer cuffs to provide for added warmth and protection that keeps the wind from freezing any exposed skin around your wrists. Just remember, a good glove isn't going to look like a thick mitten. Today's technology will provide you with sleekness of design while still offering needed warmth.

There are a number of quality winter golf gloves on the market. When finding one that's right for you, remember the following. First and foremost, you'll need a glove that keeps your hand warm and dry in marginal weather conditions, even wet weather. You'll need a glove that's insulated and will absorb the inevitable sting that comes from hitting in cold weather conditions. Hitting a golf ball in cold weather almost feels like hitting a rock and the reverberation will come right up the shaft of the club and leave your hands burning from the sting. Look for these features combined with streamlined technology.

Try before you buy. You'll know it when you find the perfect glove that offers warmth, insulation, the right feel and a grip that suits your swing.

Victoria Vohn, also known as My Granny Geek has been researching potential purchases online since the early days of the internet. Now she is sharing much of that research with you. Check out her latest website featuring Winter Golf Gloves and Golf Mittens at . You can also learn more about her at

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