Wind Energy Advantages And Disadvantages For Your Home

Wind energy advantages and disadvantages depend on the situation at hand. When it comes to your house, that means it matters where you mount it and what the wind speed is there.

These are the advantages of wind energy for your house...

Produces free electricity for you - One of the strongest aspects of having your own wind device at home is that all of your incremental power is acquired without any additional cost to you. In other words, as the wind blows your turbine, all of your energy that the windmill produces is free. This is a huge advantage when compared to other systems that you might be taking advantage of now, like buying your power from a large utility.

Can be mounted on your roof out of the way - Another great thing about a wind turbine is a can easily be mounted on your roof so you don't have to compromise any of the property around your house that you might like to use for something else. By placing your wind turbine kit on the roof you are also in the best position to get the most out of the wind when it's blowing around your house anyway.

Helps the planet - By not purchasing energy produced by a large central power plant, you are avoiding all the pollution that is associated with that process. Large fossil fuel generating facilities put out a tremendous amount of dirt into the atmosphere and if you run a wind power device at home there's that much less energy in the central power plant that has to be made and therefore that much less smog and dirt that is put out into the atmosphere.

These are the disadvantages of wind power for the home...

Costs a lot of money - Home wind turbines do cost a lot of money though. The economies of scale have not really kicked in well enough that these have become cheap devices yet. In other words, you can't just go down to your local Home Depot and purchase one of these yet. You have got to take a little effort to learn your options at your house and you're probably going to have to pay a good bit of money to get started - at least more than you will have to pay in a few years.

Some neighbors complain loudly - Many people that are in areas where there is a lot of wind complain about the wind turbine and the problems with it. For example, many people do not like the shadow flicker associated with wind turbines. Also the noise that these devices can make, while not really all that loud in the scheme of things, is noticeable and is probably on the order of magnitude of the noise a home air conditioner throws off.

The wind is fickle - You cannot count on wind to blow at a consistent rate all night long. Therefore you must have an extensive battery system that will allow you to buffer the amount of power that you need.

In summary, knowing wind energy advantages and disadvantages is essential if you want to have a chance at doing renewable energy at your home correctly.

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