Why Your Business Should Have A Blog

Do you want your business to keep up with the pace of things? Freelance writer Leigh Cooke suggests that you should write a business blog.

A business blog promotes your business but not necessarily in an obvious way. A good copywriter can create regular, interesting blogs on related topics that are keyword rich. Why is this important? Well as blog writer knows, a blog full of key words - those that your potential clients will search on - gets your business positioned higher in search engine rankings so that potential clients find you first before your competitors.

High ranking

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the key reasons that freelance writer recommends blogging for your business. A regularly updated blog confirms to search engine robots looking for keywords to rank you that your business must be worth reaching the higher echelons because you are important.

Getting to know you

A blog is also great for your business because it's a way of getting to know your customers through interaction and feedback via their comments. It's a foot in the door if you like, a chance to spark up a relationship with your customer and an opportunity to test the water. You can find out indirectly what they think of your service or product and if your marketing is hitting the right spot with your target audience. You can use this crucial information to reposition or tweak your marketing strategy and improve your services and products.

Of course it has to work both ways and in doing so your customer will get to know you without the hard sell and feel their opinions are valued. They will see you are a trustworthy business as opposed to a shark circling the Internet.

Your blog is a place where your business can be itself recommends Leigh Cooke. Just like all social media, a blog is personal to your business and you can make it as personal as you like! Of course the tone of your blog should reflect your brand and the 'feeling' of your business. So bear in mind that although it's admirable that you are a family man or woman in business, plastering your business blog with photos of your last family holiday is not advisable, unless your business is photography of course.

Keep it real

Whilst your website focuses on your core business, your brand, your business blog can feature topical content to keep it real. Remember your blog shouldn't be used for the hard sell so a relevant point from the news, statistics or a recently published survey will help to show that you are keeping up with the real world suggests copywriter.

And finally, don't get complacent Your business blog needs to be attended to regularly if you want your customers to keep following it. Keep your content writing fresh and appealing and your customers will return regularly to see what your business has to offer.

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