Some Shocking News About Energy Wasted In Homes

Given the fact that your property is not a hermetically sealed, air-tight box, where would you suppose the serious problem area is when looking at energy wasted in homes? You might start making a lengthy list of possible areas of loss, in the end. Although the wall might seem to be a solid structure it's still, even so, responsible for a certain amount of air passage and as a result wastage of energy. In addition to the walls, you'll find obviously the ceilings and floors, especially if you have a very substantial basement underneath. Windows and doors might appear the obvious choice, and in truth between doors and windows and regular air leakage you are looking at more than 50% of the energy wasted in homes today.

Lots of people seem to focus on putting insulating material in their attics. We are told that heat rises and so anytime you're looking to heat your home during the cold months a lot of that air will simply be getting away through the attic space. However should you focus on eliminating air leaks around more vulnerable areas you would be amazed at the cost savings you might make.

As an example, look at all those plumbing vents, recessed electrical outlets and switches, as well as other "unseen" trouble spots. Look with care around doors and windows to see precisely how securely they fit. Doors that lead outdoors are normally fitted with weather stripping. As you may anticipate this will degrade as time passes and become ineffective. Updating the stripping and investing in some caulking would do wonders for your interior energy efficiency.

Very much has been discussed about the need to do a thorough in-home energy audit. It is undoubtedly correct to say that you are losing a great deal of your monthly energy bill as a result of air loss or infiltration. At least you should try to find areas where there's a clear issue.

Try shutting all of the doors and windows and any other open areas such as the chimney flue. At this point, go into the kitchen and activate the extractor fan to ensure that air is being pulled out of the home. Now you can discover exactly where those drafts are at their worst simply by using a wet finger or perhaps a match.

Once you've found out the location where the worst problem areas are near your doors and windows search online and get some of those purpose made insulation "snakes." They are really flexible and will fit just about anywhere. They are filled up with ground corncob which is a superb insulation material and will probably pay for themselves very quickly with regards to helping you save energy, monthly.

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