Make Him Love Me - 3 Traits You Need To Make Him Feel A Deeply Rooted Attraction For You

"How can I make him love me more?"

It's a thought constantly running through your head when you're deeply in love with a man who doesn't show you the affection you so strongly desire. It could be your boyfriend. It could your husband. It could be a guy you'd like to be more than just friends with. Regardless, what can you do to get a guy to love you more?

The key to making a man fall in love with you is to be the irresistible woman he's never had; that one woman he can't get his mind off who drives him wild and makes him feel a deeply rooted attraction for her. It requires being the one and only woman who truly understands him and accepts him just the way he is.

3 Traits To Make Him Love Me And Never Want To Leave

Here are 3 traits irresistible women exhibit that make men fall madly in love and never want to leave them.

Love Being A Woman And Enjoy Life

If you want to learn how to attract a guy into your life, then love being a woman. Men are absolutely in awe of a woman's femininity. Enjoy expressing and sharing everything that makes you a beautiful, creative, amazing woman. Be happy and enjoy life and your attitude will be contagious. No man wants to be with a woman who is down, depressed, and complaining all the time.

Be Confident In Who You Are

This characteristic can't be stressed enough. Men find themselves incredibly attracted to confident women. Men love women who love themselves.

Recent polls have shown as many as 83% of men hate when a woman complains about her body. So what if you're a little overweight. So what if your breasts are small. So what if you think your butt's too big.

Men look right past that stuff when you have confidence in yourself. A confident, happy, average looking woman is much more desirable than an insecure, needy "10". And if you're not happy with something, then do something to change it rather than complaining or being unhappy about it.

Be A Part Of His Life, Don't Be His Life

If you want to make a man love you, then you need to be a part of his life without being his entire life. Men don't want a woman who tries to change them. They still want privacy. They still want alone time. They still want to be able to go fishing on the weekend or spend time with their buddies every now and again.

Be independent enough to have your own life so you're not constantly being needy and clinging to him. When you love a man deeply without taking the things he loves away from him, you'll be amazed at just how hard he'll try to make you completely happy.

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