What Type Of Walking Tours Are Right For Your?

Those who love to travel often do so because they enjoy exploring and learning, while alternating between relaxation and activity. One of the best ways to explore a new vacation destination is through a variety of walking tours. While it's possible to research and plan your own tours and excursions, this can prove to be more costly with time and money. A travel company that offers you a walking tour has already invested time into researching and can offer you more affordable options, especially when group rates are involved. Different walking excursions cater to different types of travelers and their needs, such as these common types of walking tour trips:

• Active & Adventurous. Don't be fooled-- just because the word "walking" appears in the tour title doesn't mean it's missing the levels of activity and adventurism you crave. Tours through rougher terrain can involve some hiking and climbing, and can provide opportunities to explore areas of nature that take a bit more work to get to. Tours of this nature typically inform potential participants what type of gear is needed, if the gear is available for rent and what fitness level the participant should be.

• Explore & Learn. Taking advantage of tour guides who have had the time to learn about unique areas about the places they're going to take you to is especially important. Although you can learn about most everything on the internet, your tour guide will provide you with relevant information about the places and things you see on your tour while you're standing at the site. You'll be able to ask your guide about specific things which you simply can't do when you do an internet search.

• Combination Tour. A combination tour provides you with the opportunity to walk around at the different stops on your tour, then take a bus or other mode of transportation to the next stop. This is an ideal tour type for those who are less active and can't spend the entire day on their feet, or don't want to. A tour that combines walking with riding a bus also allows you to cover more ground in a shorter time span, which is perfect for shorter vacations.

Travel companies that specialize in walking tours often have access to places that you wouldn't be able to visit alone. Take advantage of these possibilities the next time you're planning your vacation so you can get a lot more out of the time you spend there. Booking these types of tours streamlines your vacation planning and leaves plenty of time for relaxation throughout your vacation time.

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