Roles For A Nurse In Business

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Nursing is a popular profession with very marketable skills. Thanks to the ongoing nursing shortage across the country, nurses are in high demand, and they can expect good salaries and benefits from any type of business for which they might work. Although hospitals are the business most likely to employee nurses, there are many openings for a nurse in business.


Hospitals, like any other business, must have the staff to do the work they do. Among the most important staff at any hospital are its nurses. While doctors often get the limelight during medical care, hospitals could not operate without the nurses that do most of the work, from ensuring patients receive drugs on time to helping monitor their vitals.

Doctors Offices

Most doctors offices will have one or more nurses. These nurses help to manage patient care, maintain office records and schedule appointments. They also check the patient's vitals and weight each time they come in to compare with the results from their previous visit.

Company Nurses

Many major companies keep a nurse on staff. These nurses are there to provide basic checkups for employees, minor emergency care and to advise employees about weight, exercise, pregnancy and other issues. The fact they are there helps to protect the company from frivolous lawsuits.

Public Health

Many agencies at the federal, state and local level hire nurses to work or manage public health programs. For example, many county health departments need nurses to do checkups for young children and to ensure that all shots are being given properly. Some nurses will act as inspectors at local nursing homes to evaluate their patient care. Most school districts also employee a nurse for evaluating student illnesses and injuries, as well as to check their shot status.

Staffing Firms

In the fast paced and highly competitive medical industry, many hospitals have reduced their staff to cut costs. The way they compensate for this during busy times is to contract with staffing firms that have qualified nurses available. Nurses working for these companies can make very good money, and almost always can find work. They have to get used to moving frequently from one job to the next.

Nursing Homes

As the country's population ages, there is a greater need for high quality nursing homes where seniors and the sick stay either temporarily or permanently. A vital part of this industry are the nurses who help care for patients. This is a demanding job, since the clients are often very ill and require a great deal of attention and understanding.

In Home Care

Another fast growing business sector where nurses can find work is the in home care industry. Many seniors are reluctant to move out of their homes to a nursing home. Instead, they often choose in home care provided by a private company. Among these companies employees are nurses whose duty is to ensure that the care being given the client is as least as good as they would get at a nursing home.

For those who are considering a career in nursing, there are many opportunities. An array of businesses and organizations need trained nurses, and will pay well to get them.

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