What Type Of Rental Car Do You Need?

It is often best to reserve a rental car as soon as you know you will have the need. You may be planning a trip out of town, or perhaps you have plans to treat your significant other to a special weekend away and want the right vehicle to fit your plans. You may simply need a practical vehicle to get you to and from work while your own car is in the auto body shop getting repaired. Rental vehicles are in high demand in many areas of the country because there are so many reasons people need to lease a car. Because of this, you will want to reserve a vehicle for your upcoming needs as soon as possible. When you make your reservation, you will be asked what kind of vehicle you want to lease. There are several factors to consider when making this decision.


One of the most obvious factors to consider is your own budget. Rental rates for a vehicle lease will vary by the type or class of vehicle you choose. Each rental company has its unique classification system. Generally, however, you will find that these classes include compact or economy cars, mid-sized sedans, larger sedans or luxury cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks and vans. Smaller vehicles with only basic features are typically priced at a more affordable daily rate than larger vehicles and luxury vehicles. If you are on a tight budget or if your lease is being paid by your auto insurance company, your options may be confined by your budget alone.

Fuel Efficiency

Some people may be leasing a car to travel just a few miles a day in. This is common with business travelers who simply need to get from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to their business meeting locations. Others, however, have plans to do extensive traveling in their vehicle. For instance, you may be leasing a convertible for a weekend getaway to the beach, which may be several hours away. If you have plans to travel a considerable distance in your car, the fuel efficiency of a vehicle should be considered. If you normally drive a compact vehicle and lease a large SUV, you may be in for a shock at the pump when you fill the tank up.

Functional Needs

Drivers may have different functional needs for a vehicle. Those leasing a larger vehicle for a family getaway may need ample space for passengers, luggage and other items. On the other hand, a business traveler in town for a few days may simply need space for himself and a suitcase. Consider how much space you will need for luggage, equipment, passengers and more while leasing the vehicle to find the right vehicle for your needs. In addition, consider special features the vehicle may have as well as the size of the vehicle. For instance, you may prefer to have a vehicle with GPS if you are leasing a vehicle in an unfamiliar town. If you are very short or very tall in stature, you may need a vehicle that can accommodate your size.

Each driver is unique, and they each have unique needs and uses in mind when leasing a vehicle. It can be difficult to decide which vehicle is right for your needs and budget. Consider these factors fully when reserving your rental car online or over the phone today.

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