Laptop Repair Or New Purchase

According to a November 2009 report from SquareTrade Research, an industry leader in online merchant verification and dispute resolution, 31% laptop owners complained that their devices failed within the very first three years of purchase. About 20.4% of this failure was a result of hardware malfunctioning and only 10.6% was caused by accidents. Furthermore, in hardware malfunction instances, screen damage was most common problem. Laptops with damaged screen are useless but you do not have to lose your heart over it. You can get the laptop screen repaired by a technician or do it yourself at home.

Top 3 Laptop Screen Repair Issues

Laptop screen repair is something you will need to know about at some point in your life as the screens are very delicate and can get damaged easily. Depending upon the damage type, the problem could be fixed by you or require professional help. Here are top three issues related to laptop screen repair:

1. Thick line on the screen

Sometimes you notice a thick line or a black bar spread across your screen. It can be due to loose connection between the ribbon connector and the main board, which can be easily fixed. However, in some cases it can be due to the splits on the display edges. In such cases, you will need a replace the screen. Laptop replacement screens can be bought from online or offline providers.

2. Spots on the screen

Liquid crystal failure can cause thin lines or colored spots on your laptop's screen. Though these spots are usually tiny, they have the tendency to multiply, which will hinder display. If your laptop is under warranty, it is advisable to get the screen replaced.

3. Black Screen

If your laptop screen is black or has low brightness, it is an indicator of the fact that you have dead or defective backlight inverter. To test your laptop, connect it with an external monitor. If the image on the external monitor is working well, it simply implies that the fault lies in the screen . On the other hand, if the screen of the external monitor is also black, the problem is in your system.

Some other common issues with the screen can arise due to pixel or backlight problem that hinders screen display. It also causes the screen to flicker, displays jumbled images or simply causes a white display.

Motherboard failure is also a common fault particularly with HP DV 6000 and HP DV 9000 laptops. Over heating is the common fault. The most important thing to do is never seat your laptop on a duvet or quilt. This has a tendancy to block the cooling vents normally located on the side of the laptop.

Power faults also cause laptops to not work. Repairing and replacing the power connection components known as Power Jack socket is a pretty common repair these days.

Laptop Repair methods are improving all the time. Brett Matthews is a leading Expert on the subject of Business modelling for Laptop Repair methods. Matthews recommends reviewing the videos at to get the facts on latest repair methods. A useful diagnostic guide is also listed on this page link.

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