What To Do About Internal Air Pollution

If ever the words air pollution are mentioned it's likely you think about the air outside of your home. You know greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are rising which is not only changing the composition of the air you breathe, but also causing the earth's surface to warm up.

External air can be polluted from many sources, but U.S. government legislation is beginning to have an effect on the level of pollutants in the air and general air quality is improving.

However, the air in your home is not only the same air that you breathe outside your home and so therefore has the same pollutants; it also contains many other particles and molecules produced from an array of things inside your home. This effectively makes the air in your home likely to be more polluted than the air outside.

So where does all the additional pollution come from? If you have pets in your home the pet produces allergens that float in the air and can cause an allergic reaction and respiratory problems for those affected. Simple everyday dust from carpets, soft furnishes and so on floats in the air; just look in a room that has the sun shining through and its looks as if the room is thick with dust particles.

Of course, if someone in the home smokes, then this is the single worst cause of internal air pollution. Not only does it fill a room with acrid smoke, the smoke contains hundreds of harmful chemicals that cause serious respiratory, lung and heart conditions; even by just breathing second-hand smoke.

Good quality air filtration systems can help, but only on a limited basis. A good air cleaning system will keep the air cleaner, but as far as allergy and asthma sufferers are concerned an air filtration system should be complementary to controlling the main source of the allergens that course the respiratory problem.

As far as cleaning air full of cigarette smoke, an good air filter will help, but it can never get rid of all the chemicals floating around; the only sensible answer is to stop smoking, or at least ban it in the home.

Air filtration systems do improve air quality, but it is important that you fit the correct filters. There are a multitude of filters on the market. The high efficient particulate air (HEPA) filter is a popular choice and traps many pollutants and allergens (about 99.7 percent). Electronic ion filters do a similar thing by using an electrical charge that attracts particles. You can also get air filters that are a combination of both.

The one thing that many people forget about is changing or cleaning air filters. There is little point in having an air filtration system and never replacing the filters; in fact the air quality is likely to end up worse than if you didn't have a filtration system. Mark the dates that the filters need cleaning or replacing on a calendar. This way you will know exactly when to replace them.

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