Urban Wind Turbines: 3 Reasons They Are Necessary

Urban wind turbines are wind energy devices used in cities. Typically, they will be found on roofs and not mounted on towers high up in the atmosphere. Towers are expensive and it is just much cheaper to flush-mount a wind turbine on a roof. It is just much easier to install a wind turbine on a roof than almost anywhere else.

While they do requires some finesse because of the stresses that they put on the underlying roof system, for the most part the stresses can be compensated for through the design of the wind turbine and the type of wind turbine you put up. That makes the roof a powerful place from which to generate electricity you need for your home. These are the 3 reasons urban wind turbines are the best path for us to aggressively pursue in dealing with the paucity of energy stores we will be experiencing very soon...

Wind offers a perpetual source of power - This is the beauty of wind power in general. It never goes away and will supply you with energy for as long as you own the device. There is no other energy source other than a renewable one that will do this. So, once you begin with wind energy and have a system set up where you can take into account the vagaries and quixotic nature of when the wind blows, you are creating a perpetual source of power for your home that will never go away.

Roofs will go underutilized otherwise - The roofs in large cities are largely vacant now. The only apparatus is located on an urban roof now is microwave or cell phone towers or maybe even a radio station tower. So there is enormous opportunity to install flush-mounted wind turbine kits that will allow you to power the building or house that you are in.

Urban wind turbines are more flexible than other renewable energy systems - Solar power is very interesting and can be very compelling depending on where you are located. However, it is quite sensitive to the angle at which you install it and if there is cloud cover, of course, there will be no solar power for that day. Wind turbine systems are more flexible and can be moved to take advantage of the maximum wind any particular point on a given roof and the city.

In summary, urban wind turbines are the way of the future. The roofs in urban settings are underutilized now and contain a veritable storehouse of energy waiting to be harvested.

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