Ways Of Getting Treated Like A VIP Wherever You Are

Do you wonder how certain men and women get treated like a VIP? What is it that makes these people so much more special compared to you? Do they have a nice car or perhaps make a lot of money? You may be surprised to learn that they're probably no different than you might be. They simply know the secrets behind getting treated like a VIP. Presently, there really is no better feeling than being treated like a VIP in a restaurant, and once you know how to get this special treatment, you may use the same strategies in some other aspects of your life.

Request in advance; otherwise, you wouldn't know what you'll have access to. Call the hotel in advance and ask them to accommodate you like a VIP on your arrival. Make a booking, and order ahead of time. Many restaurants are open to requests such as these, especially nowadays when competition in the industry is fierce. They'll want to know that you are totally serious, so be sure you take a big group of people with you. This way, the restaurant's management and staff will feel that you're offering their place good publicity.

Be one of the first people to try a new restaurant and taste their menu. Restaurants treat first customers with a special status, and you might even see your seemingly insignificant bill framed high on the wall on your next visit. Order an expensive drink. Restaurant staff tend to give a preferential treatment to somebody who orders an expensive drink before supper. Order a cognac that is among the most expensive drinks on the menu.

Ask your waiter questions about the menu. Ask what most people order. You're going to get a list of the more popular choices. Ask also about what's not usually ordered that the kitchen staff is similarly proud of. There is practically nothing worse for a cook than making a signature dish that no one orders. If you happen to request for this particular dish, the entire staff will take note of it and you'll probably get extra special treatment.

Acknowledge the chef. This isn't very common nowadays, and chefs really appreciate it when you let them know you've honestly enjoyed what they've made for you. Most people don't make the effort to say the same about the work put into by the cook in preparing their meal. If you could spend some time to write a note to the chef, this can lift you to a VIP status on your next visit. It sounds silly, nevertheless, it could mean a lot.

Give a tip preferably at least 25% of your bill. If you are within a strict budget, then you shouldn't be going out to any restaurants. If you wish to be treated just like VIP, then you need to make it worth the staff's service. Leaving a substantial amount of tip will help you get a preferential treatment when you turn up at the restaurant. Most of the people don't think of leaving a decent tip, and this is a serious mistake.

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