Understanding SEO Best Practices Post Panda

With today's internet, content is king and it may be hard to find, high quality and original content. In this new age of Panda 2.5, high-quality content is an absolute necessity, and if you take your website seriously and want to raise your Google ranking or increase your web traffic, then you are going to have to play by these new rules for best SEO practices.

So what does this really mean now? What it means is that you'll have to study your AP style guide and generate some concise, creative and credible content for articles and blogs. It means that the Internet is no longer being viewed as an information factory, where content can be spun and churned and regenerated. In order to achieve competitive status with companies like The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, information has to be completely relevant. Panda emphasis quality over quantity, and SEO best practices have changed because of this new algorithm.

It is said that the latest version of Panda, otherwise known as Farmer, impacts around 12% of searches. Trust, credibility and authority have been pushed to the forefront. Now, the SEO model has changed as it's no longer about having as many URLs indexed as you can but it's now about emphasizing the highest quality URLs. The tech-speak can be a little long-winded and convoluted, but in layman's terms it is simple: high-quality and credible content will improve your ranking and generate traffic. Here are a couple of tips to keep the traffic flowing.

1. Keyword rich, high quality content is important but original content is essentia. Do not copy or borrow information from other sites. However, if you cite information from an authority site, then be sure to give that site credit.

2. SEO best practices include an acute attention to link building. Having links to .EDU and .GOV sites adds credibility to your site and inviting a guest blogger to add content helps when creating backlinks. Eliminate any backlinks to spam as those links will damage your ranking.

3. Another SEO strategy that should be strongly considered is the overall design and user-friendly experience of your website. The more content you have on your website, the better. Mix and match the long posts with short posts, as this will help Google find your content easier. Also, you'll want to have a good balance between advertising and content as well.

Keyword stuffing and factory spun content is a thing of the past. To generate higher rankings and to draw more web traffic, today's best SEO practices also provides better overall content as well.

Chance Neal looked into SEO techniques that would help his business gain visibility after the Google Panda update. Eduki is an SEO software system that can track your website pages and keyword rankings daily. Visit http://www.eduki.com/wiki/ for more information.

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