Time Management Methods - Can't Say No - Part 1


'Can't say, No' is most likely the worst time eradicator we might come across. I have, yet, to meet anyone, including myself, who has never regretted that term 'Yes' at the wrong time. You wish you might snatch it back, although, back-tracking appears a worse crime than saying 'No' first off. It is easy to get stuck with our personal generosity. It is good to be kind and helpful but in some cases, from the standpoint of making use of good methods of time management it can generate problems.

It's painful enough saying 'No' to friends but becomes impossible for many when it comes to your chief. If you prefer to do plenty of jobs over 24 hours then continue saying 'Yes' or accept the pathway to enlightenment.

Will this trigger work overload?

Not having the ability to say 'No' will cause additional work. Is this work overload? It is not totally the same. In the situation of work overload there is a propensity to be extra confident concerning the amount of work people can acquire. It is often a position of choice. You are convinced you will have the ability to manage but over commit yourself and start to feel the consequences. This may be the position when there is a worry that work will decrease or in striving to impress individuals with your capacity to manage a lot of tasks.

Whenever you 'can't say, No' you can often think that you are being controlled but can't extract yourself from the position. It panders to the demands of other people and increases that dread of failure.

Are you being taken advantage of?

Taking up those extra activities makes a rod for your own back. Looking at it from a solely selfish viewpoint, after you take on tasks others will find it simple to get you to do even more tasks and the problem remains. Being good natured can be a blessing and a curse. It's not that you ought to deny all requests for help but instead learn to become selective.

Do you volunteer?

Volunteering for jobs is fantastic-- at the right time. If a work colleague is not able to complete an activity (or is marvelous at saying, 'No') it could effectively fall to the following individual in the chain of command, that means you. There is, equally, the pressure that accompanies the worthy purpose of intervening to rescue the situation. This is fine, though again might not be the most reliable of time management methods to maintain your interests.

Delaying tactics

It is frequently the situation that you will be requested to do a task on the spur of the moment. This is deadly. It is so straightforward to announce 'Yes' virtually as an autonomic response. Stop. Consider. Don't rush any decision. Tell them that you will respond to the individual once you have looked at exactly what other items you have in your diary. This might seem to be obvious, but, check out exactly what you have been asked to perform. There is little point in asserting, 'No' down the road to a task that you have not comprehended fully as this will damage your situation.

Expressing, 'maybe' ought to be avoided. This is a clear signal that you could be persuaded to take up the job. Supposing that you do say 'No' then be clear with your justifications. Don't forget, you are not being ill mannered or trying to alienate the other person you are just advancing the simple facts as part of your time management methods.

The next article comments describe a few important ideas to try out.

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