Three Types Of Pilots

Flying can be one of the most exciting things that man can do, however, in order to be able to grace the skies and feel the freedom of a bird we need to be flown by someone, or become a pilot ourselves. Here are few types of pilot you could consider becoming so that you can control your own aircraft.

Fighter Pilot

Being a fighter pilot is an incredibly dangerous job - although of course it does have a lot of thrills to it as well. Although Britain hasn't fought a war in its own airspace for decades, fighter pilots are often involved in battles in foreign lands and places like Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq have all had British fighters occupying the air above them in a hostile manner. Consequently, fighter pilots can spend many lonely weeks - and even months - away from their families as they work on a particular campaign.

Hot Air Balloon Pilots

If fighter pilots have some of the most dangerous work, hot air balloon pilots have some of the safest, although hot air balloons have, of course, been used in combat before aeroplanes became more effective. Today hot air balloon pilots mainly fly tourists and as such it can be an extremely rewarding job as you show grateful strangers different parts of the world in a very pleasant way. The pace is, of course, much more sedate, however that doesn't mean you don't have to be qualified as flying a hot air balloon is a highly skilled job and only those with the appropriate certificates get to do it.

Helicopter Pilots

If fighter pilots fly the fastest planes and have the most dangerous jobs, and hot air balloon pilots have the most sedate aircraft and the most rewarding jobs then helicopter pilots are probably somewhere in between., although depending on the type of pilot you are it can be pretty scary. Examples of risky operations would be flying a troop transport helicopter in a war zone as you may be shot at by a local with a shoulder to air missile or landing a helicopter on an oil rig as you may have to battle high winds and risk losing control of the vehicle.

As you can see there are plenty of different types of pilots you can be, but if safety is important to you then hot air ballooning probably offers the least dangerous career.

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