Start Fulfilling Objectives On Impact

Copyright (c) 2012 Karen Chai Kar Siang

If you are working on a piece of project for a long time without ever getting results, then probably there was not enough impact or momentum to begin with. Something could be seriously lacking or erroneous; perhaps, resources have not been fully utilized or there are steps that have been missed out which are necessary to produce the desired outcome. To make matters worse, one may or may not have come to terms of realizing or noticing it fully as yet. If that is the case, step aback and start to think more carefully by contemplating against the original objectives or purposes of the work. Remedy the situation if it has gone worse by planning on more effect-driven steps. Keep improvising on the plans and eradicate already known mistakes. It may be constructive to apply some curiousity by questioning more on a deeper level. Most importantly is to pay attention to details or seek expert advice almost immediately. For sure, areas that once were unknown would eventually come about being known as precisely all that are necessary to fulfill the condition.

Sometimes, one could very much be inclined towards personal ideas or tends to follow ideals that may produce different results altogether. For example, if getting to the library to borrow a book was the original plan, but instead one had gone to a friend for the book, then seemingly this being a trivial factor, however still there is a gap. In this case, the difference could lie between the greater potentiality of making reading a habit from the library versus building more social skills in having more friends. One should always seek the right path to do the right means. For example, a library is built solely for the purpose of making people read. So if the purpose is to expand knowledge through books, then actually borrowing from a friend has that tendency to make one sway from their original purpose; I.e. in this case is to develop that reading habit. By allowing more of this to happen, the objectives or purposes may grow weaker over time on those piecemeal executions that goes by unnoticed.

Effective communication therefore is a very critical component in almost every endeavor to help fulfill a task. If the objectives have not or could not be properly conveyed or the actual plans could not be described in manners that can be easily understood, then it creates major communication gaps or errors which may continuously become more serious as time goes by. This further creates more challenges at producing the original desired outcomes. For example, a lot of deviation factors may come in when the situation goes beyond control with too many stakeholders on different opinions; or that acts of governance and routines could not be properly exercised. The people working together may start to doubt each other and cause further disputes that turn into error handlings. Worse would be that people may start feeling severely demoralized or angry which all contributes to a lack of zeal. Quality aspects on the job may deteriorate when the people loses their focus not knowing their purposes for their work. Higher stress levels are sometimes very much associated with this.

Clear objectives are therefore the survival baseline for succeeding a project. It may be easier said than done to have or to know one's objectives. That is why it is important to dive towards the root causes of the problem in order to strive at getting to the point of the objective. Take on another example; notice it is a fine line between reading based on demand and reading to expand knowledge from books or turn reading into a hobby. Reading based on demand may be due to a need of finding some information required to solve a problem; for example how to preserve meat in the refrigerator. With objectives being clear, the solution becomes straight forward for the execution plans to come about. To further benefit, plans can be easily managed with better control over resources to help prevent further or ongoing damage.

Better decisions too can be made when the plan can be detailed into actual executable steps; as these steps can be actualized and taken at the right time at the right pace. Effective decisions shall faciliate on the aspects of optimizing resources. For instance, purchasing a household item that can wait until next month or visiting the doctor for immediate medication and diagnosis on the currently suffered on disease. The first example differs greatly with the second in terms of their level of urgency and hence renders the most practical steps in following through action for the doer. When the actual steps can already be identified, then possibly the only thing left is to decide on the 'whens', 'whats' or 'hows' based on what is readily available.

Nonetheless, in reality it is worthwhile realizing that there could be no perfect plans; therefore know to the deepest extent and then do whatever within power to achieve all that can be for the best. Sometimes, to fulfill a task effectively is to simply commence despite having fears by keeping the will strong at all times to complete it. This being done, the steps and plans shall come into picture later on when the objectives and purposes may start to draw by itself.

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