Saving Money On Your Rental Car

Many people enjoy renting a vehicle from time to time. It can be fun to drive around your hometown or to explore a new destination in a different type of vehicle than what you usually drive. As enjoyable as leasing a car can be, few people enjoy paying rental car rates. Leasing a car for a few days can be expensive, and costs can really mount if you need to lease a vehicle for a week or longer. There are a few steps you can take to reduce the costs of leasing your next vehicle. Here are some tips:

Consider Fuel Efficiency

While many drivers consider the daily lease rate of a vehicle as the main cost associated with renting a car, the cost of gas can be considerable as well. If you only plan to use the car to travel a few miles here and there, fuel efficiency may be a nominal concern. However, many people drive a considerable distance in their rental vehicle, so fuel efficiency of the vehicle should be considered. When reserving a vehicle over the phone or the Internet, you typically are permitted to reserve a specific type of vehicle rather than a specific model. Unfortunately, this provides you with little ability to compare fuel efficiency of various models before you arrive at the rental branch location to pick the vehicle up. Because of this, it may be necessary to pick a class of vehicle that is known for fuel efficiency such as an economy, compact or mid-size sedan. When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, you may be able to request a hybrid or other similar vehicle if one is available.

Purchase Rental Insurance

Driving under the best of conditions can be perilous at times. Even if you are the safest driver, you have to share the road with other drivers who may not be as skilled and experienced as you. When you rent a vehicle, you are operating a vehicle that you may not be fully familiar with. You may have to make adjustments to your driving style on the road to accommodate pedals, turn signals and other features that are slightly out-of-place compared to what you are accustomed to. More than that, if you are leasing a car while traveling, you have to deal with traveling on unfamiliar roadways. With all of these factors in mind, you can see that driving with a rental car can be a bit more perilous than driving in your regular vehicle back home. If your current insurance policy does not cover you in a rental vehicle, consider purchasing coverage. In many cases, paying for a few days of coverage is far more affordable than paying for damages and repairs to a vehicle if you have an accident.

Compare Rates and Deals

If you know what kind of vehicle you want to lease and the dates you need to lease it, take time to shop around online for rates and special offers. It is best to compare rates between many car companies to find the greatest savings possible. In addition to simply using the rate quote forms on the websites, also click on links provided that show special deals and offers. Some companies offer unique money-saving offers for leasing cars on the weekends, for a specific class of vehicle and more. You will not know about these money-saving opportunities unless you click on the link and explore offers available.

Put these tips to use when making plans to lease your next vehicle. These tips can help you find lower rates and reduce other costs associated with renting a vehicle.

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