2 kW Wind Turbine: How Much Energy Will It Really Make?

The 2 kW wind turbine may be the ideal solution for your home energy needs. Even if 2 kilowatts does seems like a lot of power, it is really not that much when you realize how the power ratings are determined.

The 2 kW wind turbine or any other wind power device for that matter is not like a toaster where the power rating can be counted upon to be accurate. The amount of power that you will be able to get out of the device will be a factor of the wind context in which you place it.First, the nominal rating on a wind turbine is done for marketing reasons only. There is no way wind turbine suppliers can guarantee you any amount of power from a wind device. That is just too contingent on other variables, like how much wind you have at your disposal. For example, the 2 kW wind turbine may only produce that much energy at a 28 mph wind.

Mainly, you really need to build your wind turbine from the "ground up" though. In other words, you need to start with a thorough understanding of how much wind energy you are capable of creating with the raw materials you have at your disposal.

There are several steps you must go through to size up if any home wind turbine will work for you…

Learn your wind - Regardless of whether you are going to get a 2 kW wind turbine or any other size, you need to really learn the eccentricities of the wind on your property. Every specific location that you might think of as a potential candidate to install a wind turbine will have a different wind makeup. That wind signature will be unique to that location and you need to understand that in order to make sense out of what kind of wind turbine you need and the size of the wind turbine that you require. It could well be that you can get away with something a lot smaller than 2 kW, that there's no way to know that into you understand the patterns that drive your wind.

Learn your local permitting process - This is extremely critical because many local government jurisdictions prohibit wind turbines in certain settings. Just because you would like to install residential wind turbines at your house for example does not mean that your roof will be a likely acceptable location. You have to check out and get a copy of the permit that will be required and talk with the local government officials to find out if where you want to install the wind turbine will be accepted.

Finally, understand your objectives for electricity creation - It is very important to get clear at the very beginning about what exactly you are trying to accomplish. If you're trying to charge a set of batteries to use in case of a complete power outage at your house, then you may or may not need a device this large. You need to be very clear about the power production objectives that you have-whether it is powering a freezer, your entire house, or just a set of batteries.

In the final analysis, a 2 kW wind turbine may be the perfect solution for you and then again it may not be. You are the one who will have to gather the information and determine that however because the answer is so specific to your particular house and property.

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