Picking The Best Embroidery Machine For You

If you are just starting out embroidering and are keen to get your first embroidery machine you have come to the right place. This article will help you answer some very important questions about what you need in your machine so you make the right choice first time around.

In order to buy the right machine for you you need to answer some questions about your personality first.

To start with:

Do you have any sewing experience at all?

If so, do you spend a lot of leisure time sewing?

If you have sewing experience, has it been a long time since you have done any or have you almost forgotten how to thread a needle?

When you start looking around for an embroidery machine it's important to understand that you can buy a machine that only does embroidery and you can also buy an embroidery machine that doubles up as a sewing machine. Of course, having one that does both can be very cost effective, however, many sewers recommend having a second sewing machine at all times. It's really a matter of personal choice and some more questions.

Will you use your machine to embroider and to sew or will it just be for embroidery purposes?

Now you must realise that there is also a learning curve when learning any new gadget and this is particularly true of sewing and embroidery machines.

Do you find learning new gadgets very easy or do you struggle with anything technology at all and get easily frustrated?

If you know that you struggle with technology a bit in every day life then chances are you will need a really simple machine to use and not feel overwhelmed.

If you find technology a breeze then you may be able to expand into a more advanced machine because you know you'll be able to grasp it with ease.

Now let's look at your budget.

How much do you have to spend on your machine?

Is quality important to you or simply the cost?

At some point you will need embroidery software so if you can get that as a bonus at the very start then that would be great.

Brother was the first manufacturer to offer embroidery machines for sewers at home and is considered by many to be the world leader.

There are some important things to look out for when buying your embroidery machine.

Hoops attach to your machine to help you create designs in specific sizes. The standard embroidery area of most machines is 4 x 4.

It is highly recommended that you find a machine that has usb connectivity. You'll love this feature as you can download your designs online, transfer them to your usb stick and then send them straight over to your machine.

The best machines will either provide a USB cable or have a USB port for you to insert your flash drive. A flash drive can be handy as you will be able to store things on there as well.

If you don't have USB connectivity you will need to buy a memory card unit of some kind to perform the same function.

Bernina is a common embroidery machine provider, however, when you are starting out you can find these too expensive. Their accessories are also costly.

There are many deals online for sewers and with a little research you can see some fantastic packages which include not only embroidery designs, but bobbins, threads, computer programs and a lot more.

Before you buy your machine make sure that you are buying from a website or company that you can trust. Don't go over budget, you can always trade it in or upgrade later. Make sure there is always a money back guarantee to safeguard your purchase.

Taking a little time to match your embroidery machine to your personality will really make sure you get the right machine for you. It's too much of an investment to get wrong, right from the start.

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