2 Tricks Most Writers Don't Know About Being Successful

I know so many struggling writers who don't know the first thing about where to get work as a writer. They had dreams of graduating from top schools with a degree in creative writing and walking right into a screen writing job, or becoming one of the staff writers on a big show, or getting an instant book deal.

But sadly, things don't play out quite like that. But, you need to be aware of all the middle steps and the less than fabulous jobs you'll need to take in order to move up, and where you can get those.

First of all you'll need to write for no money. Think about it: writing is FUN! Everybody wants to do it. On top of that, think of all the young business people who aspire to launch websites or newspapers of their own. Think of the millions of sites competing for your attention and ask yourself if they can all realistically make a good revenue. Now take that small number and think about the thousands of writers trying to get a job at those publications. Do you really think they will hire someone with no professional experience or published work?

Look up the "Contact Us" part of one of your most beloved websites. Explore their "sister sites" (site that they pull content from, and visa versa) and find the editor's emails on those too. Reach out to the Managing Editor, or whatever editor you can find on there and if there isn't one, just use the general address provided and ask if they want a writer. If they are paying, great. If not, you should still take it.

It's a good idea to do this for a website that you really respect since, if you're planning on writing for free, it may actually be writing that you like.

You have to know that it's very common to do something for no money before you can do it for money. Especially in the arts. My friend who had been a singer her whole life wanted to become a voice coach. However, she didn't have a resume or any tales of success under her belt. How could she think that customers would just start paying her their precious dollars? So, she began offering to teach her friend's kids how to sing better for free for a while. If their kids were clearly becoming better singers, they'd agree to give her money. In addition, she'd get great referrals from that!

Writing for free is just a necessary step. In the meantime, land yourself a side job so you can actually make a living. It's okay if it has nothing to do with what you really want to do.

Another great move if you'd like to eventually work for yourself or be a sought after freelance writer is begin a website or blog of your own and write about the topic you'd eventually want to be paid to write about. At the very least, if you aren't able to get any of those free gigs, you have work to show other potential writing employers.

If your blog gets big, even better! An agent or publisher might approach you about writing a book based on it! Regardless, having a blog is always a good idea.

Vera Esther writes about topics in healthy living, relationships and travel. her articles have appeared in dozens of publications and titles have ranged from "Is your date a relationship addict?" to "Let your computer be your voice coach" (an ironic spin on the site http://www.thesingingzone.com/ )

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