Peru and Argentina Culture Tours: Part Two

When we talk about culture, not everyone brings the same things to mind. Some people want to learn about the past civilizations that influenced the current population of a country. Other travellers want to get a personal experience of how the native people are living today.

Still others want to focus on a particular aspect of the country's culture such as the cuisine, music, dancing or art that are indigenous to the place. Whether you want to focus on just one of these things or all of them, you can find plenty to do in both Peru and Argentina through a luxury travel agent .

Argentinian Culture Tour

When it comes to Argentina there are three things that will probably come first to mind. That is, the food, the wine and the tango. You can take tours that encompass any one of these things or, if you've got the time and the interest, all three of them. They are all integral parts of the Argentine culture.

If tango is the reason, or at least a major one, that you are interested in visiting Argentina, you're going to be spending a lot of time in the capital city, Buenos Aires. The dance was born here and this is where you can get the best instruction and see the best dancers perform. Tours may include private instruction, group instruction, tickets to shows and more. Many people travel in couples for this activity but if you are travelling alone then all you need to do is join a group tour and there are likely to be partners to choose from.

WIne tours are popular in this country too, and while Mendoza has a great concentration of top wineries, there are many places across Argentina that are worth considering for a tasting. Of course, this is something that you can arrange on your own. However, it can be worth it to book a tour through an agency that specializes in this. Travelling as an individual or without a tour isn't always a great idea, not least because agencies tend to use their relationship with owners to get you VIP treatment.

These tours are frequently paired with food so that you can taste the best that the cuisine has to offer and also experience how the wines add to the flavor and, of course, how the food changes the experience of the wine. Malbec is the wine that many think of when it comes to Argentina, but don't forget the Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon offerings either.

Another wine producing area worth visiting is Salta. In addition to being able to taste some of the red wines that Argentina is known for, here you can sample Torrontés, the white wine that has garnered international acclaim. In both places, there are stunning landscapes to appreciate but, in Salta, you can also go on the "Train to the Clouds", one of the 3 highest trains in the world, offering you a vista you cannot get otherwise. When we think of stunning landscapes, many people couple a trip to Argentina with luxury Peru travel .

For a really special way to visit the wine regions of Argentina, you can go by horseback. Some of these tours are a single day where you ride from one winery to another that are relatively close to one another. Other tours, however, last for several days. On these, you can enjoy even more of the region's natural beauty, spend the nights on various ranches along the way and get to learn about the life of the gauchos, the Argentine cowboys.

Sounds exciting? Discuss your options and learn more about Peru luxury tours by talking to this recommended luxury travel agent and get ready for your dream vacation now!

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