Over 50 Job Changes

Changing jobs can be tough for anybody. It is especially stressful for older people who have been at the same company for many years. However, recent economic problems have been very hard on older workers. Many of them have had to move on to other jobs. Some have even had to change careers. I have outlines some tested tips to make this move as easy as possible.

It is very important to be realistic about a midlife career change. This may be a hard time to go after a totally different type of job. At 55, you may not be able or willing to return to school for several years in order to get an advanced degree. As an experienced employee, you probably have a lot of talents and skills you can take to your new job.

What sort of career changes could you manage without having to sacrifice a big investment in retraining? Could you find a new job that requires some of your past work experience?

For example, I know a lot of technical workers who have turned to teaching. On the other hand, I know some former teachers who found good management jobs in business. If you teacher can manage a classroom of unruly middle school aged students, she should have no trouble supervising adult workers!

Your task will be to convincce hiring managers that your past skills and experience will enable you to perform a new job well. One thing you may need to accomplish, before you can even speak to a hiring manager, is to produce an updated resume and cover letter. Hiring managers look for different things than they did several years ago. You probably need to update your resume building skills. This is particularly true if you have not looked for a job for decades.

To land a job quickly, you may want to work on networking. Many older workers do not do well on large job boards or with recruiters. Using your networks to find opportunities is probably the most efficient path. You do not have to go out and meet a lot of new people in person to do this. Online networking websites can be very productive. These websites can help you expand your network quickly. If you let your offline and online friends know that you are job hunting, they can be a great resource.

It is not impossible to make a midlife career change. If you have a lot of obligations, you probably need to approach your job search with a realistic attitude.

Read about some good opportunities for midlife career changes. These do not require a lot of retraining or special skills.http://www.over50web.net/finance/top-jobs-for-over-50-career-change/

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