The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner And Digital Filing System Could Answer Your Clutter Problems

If you would like to get rid of all the excess clutter around your work environment and keep everything in a central inbox, the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System could help you. Your important information will be secured and sorted in a smart digital filing cabinet. With the detachable input tray, you could do double sided scans of 10 receipts at one time, 10 documents at a time, 10 business cards at a time, or scan 50 single sided documents at a time.

It does a great job of scanning documents quickly and efficiently but it does not do a good job with scanning photos. It is able to read documents printed on both sides and scan them, fast and in color. You can actually cut down paper clutter since the scanner can read and turn your statements and documents into editable text. You can actually edit the information with this particular feature, which can be necessary if a receipt is worn or wrinkled. It has very powerful application, that is extremely easy to use. A terrific feature of this scanner/software is the ability to scan many documents simultaneously. Documents can be filing while they are being scanned. The pages go into something such as an inbox after they are scanned, where you can file them any time you want.

In case you want to combine multiple pages into one file, you can do that very easily. To accomplish this, you simply control-click the pages you want to combine and click combine on the screen then those pages become a single file. When scanned in your laptop, the files are searchable. In case you are trying to find a specific word or phrase, when you do a search on your pc, all the documents you scanned that contain that word or phrase will show in your results. If you ever ordered something and you need to find more information about it, you can simply use the search option. In case you have online receipts, you can try saving them as PDF files and store them in your filing system. The files are searchable also.

Like nearly all products you find that are assessed by the consumers, you get reviews that are all over the place. This desktop scanner by NeatDesk works flawlessly for a number of people and not good at all for others. People buy things for specific reasons so the expectations will be different for every person. You ought to read the customer reviews and also reviews from authority sites to see if it is what you are looking for. While the scanner is more affordable than other scanners with very similar features, it's not necessarily the most inexpensive one on the market.

You may find that the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System fits your needs well. Also you may be let down like many of the other customers of this product.

---------------------------------------------------- It is always best to check out the good points and bad points then see whether it offers the best value for the price.

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