My Advice to Those New to Marriage Websites

My story can sound like a fairy tale as can many success stories that have happened through Shaadi websites. While my story is a happy one, I would remind all those new to Qiran websites not to be discouraged if the right match doesn't happen immediately. For most on the site, a period of looking is common, just as a search for a wife / husband takes time when you are utilizing connections through friends and family members. Remember that there are thousands of users on the site, and that your early experience represents that.

I would also remind all users to be honest in their profiles and in their desires for a partner. Accurate information about yourself makes it easier for those looking for the real you to express interest on Shaadi websites. Do thorough thinking about your own psychology and what you are looking for in a partner. Are you looking for someone with a very similar background, or someone with a diversity of personal experiences? For example, for me, I was interested in a partner who shared a professional concerns with me, since my career is an important aspect of my life. However I was open to meeting people who were from different places (I'm a transplant myself, after all).

After you've thought long and goof about what you really want in a partner, narrow your profile and partner preferences to reflect this. With the high number of people on qiran websites, you're allowed to be picky and really search for what is important to you in a partner. Being too unclear about what you want can make it hard to find fulfilling connections.

If you find that you are not finding good matches or that people are repeatedly expressing interest in you but they are clearly not right for you, consider information in your profile that could be working against you. While you want to be accurate, there is generally more than one way to express a particular preference, and in some circumstances changing your wording or approach can give your profile a new angle.

Whenever you find a person who looks like a good match, take the time to write a response that is thoughtful and reflects who you are. Everyone on Shaadi is looking for the same thing you are life partner. This type of search takes thought and communication, and putting effort into the search will get you better results. Writing a thoughtful message will make it easier for potential partners to decide if you are a good match for them, and you'll be more likely to have exchanges with people who are well suited to you.

And my main piece of advice again? Patience. Shaadi is there to facilitate meeting people who have what it takes to build a relationship and a marriage. Like any well-meaning matchmaker, however, Shaadi can't guarantee that your life partner will show up tomorrow or the day after. But experience does support that Shaadi makes thousands of successful marriages, and that with time you too are likely to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

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