Modern Men Of Chivalry

I realize that women strived for centuries to gain the rights and freedom that we have. I realize we are competent, strong and intelligent and we don't need someone to pay for our meals or our rent or even our luxuries. That being said, I don't like this idea that it is offensive for a man to try to be chivalrous.

Below are some acts of chivalry that I am going to put my foot down about and say, these should stick around.

Footing the bill
I find it so unattractive when a guy doesn't offer to pay the bill after a date. It's even more repulsive to me when a guy is obviously undecided on whether or not he is going to pay. This certainly is not because I could not pay it myself, but rather it is because paying the bill for me implies that the man thinks I deserve to be treated. In my opinion, that is what it means when a man insists on paying—it's a gesture of treating someone, not helping them. Naturally, treating one another isn't a one way street. If I'm in a relationship with someone, I definitely treat them too. I find my ways. I give them back rubs, give them rides to doctor's appointments, and just lend a listening ear when they've had a rough day. Women who say they don't want a man to take care of the bill are saying they don't want a man who is willing to take care of them sometimes, and that's just silly.

The cheese
Why is it that no one is comfortable expressing their emotions in a straightforward manner these days? Read any anniversary card and you'll probably find a joke instead of a nice poem. People frequently opt for joke presents instead of sentimental ones.

I don't like this trend. In my eyes, if a man will do something sentimental for me, that says he is willing to make himself vulnerable for me! My friend who is a voice coach got his students to perform a series of love songs he wrote for his wife for Valentine's Day last year. He selected the best of his students who were on their way to learning how to sing better. His wife was deeply moved.

Helping her with her coat
This is just a personal favorite of mine because putting a coat on by yourself can be a major nuisance. I wind up swinging my arm around like am imbecile trying to catch that second sleeve. It's so much easier if my date just grabs it for me. In addition, it's a very kind and intimate action.

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