Credit Card Use For Back To School Spending

Many parents of children who are still at home often depend on credit cards to help them purchases needed things as events arise that require extra spending. Back to school purchases can be very costly if the parents have one child, and significantly more expensive if additional school-aged children are in the home. Using credit cards to purchase back to school supplies and clothing is often a necessary action in households across the country and in other countries as well.

Long ago, all children needed when they went to school were crayons, notebooks, pens, and pencils, and a few folders. In today's advanced educational society, teachers send home school supply lists that can add up to almost $100 per child for school supplies. These supplies include calculators, glues, crayons, markers, notebooks, folders, snacks, tissues, hand sanitizers, paper towels, binders, erasers, felt pins, book bags, and more. Purchasing all the supplies for every child in the home and then also purchasing new shoes, sports equipment, band equipment, and new school clothes can easily amount to well over $1,000 per child at the beginning of every school year.

In addition to these fees, other back to school expenses include bus passes, PTA fees, academic club fees, sports membership fees, and school lunch costs. While not every parent of every child will need to pay every single one of these expenses, many of these expenses are common to the majority of parents and the expense can seem insurmountable. Credit cards can be a big help when back to school items must be purchased. Many households will keep two or three credit cards active at all times to pay for unexpected expenses, emergencies, and important things such as back to school supplies and clothing, and additional school costs.

Using credit cards for back to school supplies is validated by many financial experts. Most financial experts will recommend adults doing everything they can not to use credit cards as a mean to live off of, but only for large expenses that cannot be financed in any other way. It is important to try to prepare for back to school expenses in advance and this will help you in the months following the new school year. If you are able to save some money and finance only a portion of the back to school expenses on credit cards, you will spend less money in the following months paying on the credit card bill. This will also help to keep your interest rate down in many cases due to not charging such a large amount.

While it may not be possible to purchase everything needed for school out of pocket, the more you are able to purchase out of pocket will help you to keep your finance controlled in the near future. Purchasing too much on credit cards can sometimes result in you not being able to pay the bills on time and this can damage your credit rating.

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